Descendants of Johan Heinrich Hasenpflug (1792)

(Henry Hassenplug & Catherine Stern)

10g) 3. JOHAN HEINRICH (Henry) HASENPFLUG-Born 10 December 1792 in Lebanon Co., Pa, Died 14 April 1859 in Mifflinburg, Pa.. Henry served in the War of 1812 and is listed in The Annals of Buffalo Valley as being on the payroll of Capt. Henry Miller's Company on 10 Nov 1814. Henry was a saddler by trade but became a farmer later in life. Henry was married twice. His first wife was Catherine Stem-Born 1801, Died 1830. Seven children. Namely: Amelia, Charles, Mary, Susanna, Isreal, Leah, and Zacharius.
11g) 1. AMELIA HASSENPLUG-Born 1820, Died before 1898. Was married to Reuben Spotts.
11g) 2. CHARLES HASSENPLUG-Born 19 November 1821 in Union Co., Pa., Died 6 February 1902 in York Township, Sandusky Co., Ohio. He was a miller in West Buffalo Twsp. in the 1850 census. Charles was married in March 1843 to Margaret Rockey-Born 1823, Died 7 December 1856. She was the daughter of George Rockey of New Berlin, Pa. They had 2 children in the 1850 census of West Buffalo Twsp.
12g) 1. GEORGE R. HASSENPLUG-Born 1844. He was a farmer in West Buffalo Twsp. in the 1870 census. He was married on the 22nd of either Dec or Jan of 1868 by Rev Koss, to Matilda Hilbish-Born 1845. She was from Lewis Twsp. 2 chidn.
13g) 1. ALMA S. HASSENPLUG-Born March 1870 in Pa.. Married to David Hoch-Born August 1873. 1 child.
14g) 1. MARGUERITE HOCH-Born May 1897 in Ohio.
13g) 2. CHARLES R. HASSENPLUG-Born October 1875 in Ohio. He was a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan. He married Myra Charles and had 2 children.
14g) 1. XENOPHON GEORGE HASSENPLUG-Born 3 August 1908 in Belvue, Ohio. Married on 26 June 1937 in Bloomville, Seneca Co., Ohio to Grace Sullivan-Born 27 Feb 1909. She is the daughter of Joseph J. and Maude (Kagä) Sullivan. They live in Pittsburgh, Pa. They had 1 son.
15g) 1. JOHN CHARLES HASSENPLUG-Born 15 July 1939. He married Nancy Hetler on 29 Aug 1964. Both Charles and his wife graduated from Bucknell University. 1 daughter.
16g) 1. SUZANNE HASSENPLUG-Born 15 September 1969.
John's marriage to Nancy ended in divorce and Charles remarried to Susan Rath. They are living in Lake Tahoe, Calif. (1990) where he is employed by the electric company there. No children as of 1990.
14g) 2. ELIZABETH HASSENPLUG Married to John Ink. Living in Milton, Florida (1990)
12g) 2. CATHERINE MARGARET HASSENPLUG b:1847. She was 3 years old in the 1850 census of West Buffalo Twsp., Pa
Charles's second marriage was to Sarah Peters-Born 2 June 1838, Died 1 April 1888. Charles and Sarah went to Ohio sometime after 1860 and began farming. Charles is listed in the 1900 census of Sandusky Co., York Twsp. He is shown as having his grandson Charles R., his granddaughter Alma and husband and daughter living with him. Charles and his second wife are both buried in York Chapel Cemetery in Sandusky Co., Ohio.
11g) 3. MARY HASSENPLUG Died at age 18. nothing further known.
11g) 4. SUSANNA HASSENPLUG-Born 1824. Married by Rev E. Kieffer to Edward Hendrick of New Berlin, Pa.
11g) 5. ISREAL HASSENPLUG-Born 9 May 1826, Died 24 September 1897. He was a miller by trade, an occupation he learned from his brother Charles. Isreal worked at the following mills: Rockey Mill, Globe Mills, Snyder Co., Pa., Reish Mill near Forest Hill, Pa., Steam Mill, Cowan Mill, Edelman Mill. He spent 54 years as a miller. Isreal married in 1849 to Harriet Eilert-Born 10 January 1823, Died 7 August 1900. She was the daughter of Capt. William Eilert of Hartleton, Pa. Isreal and wife are buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery. They had 3 children, Susan Ada, William H.,Annie M..
12g) 1. SUSAN ADA HASSENPLUG-Born 10 January 1850, Died 4 January 1915. Susan had 1 daughter.
13g)1.ELVA K. HASSENPLUG-Born 1867, Died 1938. She married Millard F. Hauck-Born 14 March 1869 at Red Bank, Union Co., Pa., Died March 1958. Lived near Mifflinburg. Both are buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery.
14g) 1. MYRTLE BERTHA HAUCK-Born 3 January 1898. Married to Ralph C. Boyer, son of George and Anna (Hummel) Boyer. They had seven children.
15g) 1. ROY C. BOYER-Born 25 May 1918 in Mifflinburg. Married 1 October 1944 at West Milton to Arlene H. Musser, the daughter of Franklin and Mary (Rehrer) Musser. No children.
15g) 2. GLENN HENRY BOYER-Born 6 August 1919. Married 26 November 194_, in West Milton, to Esther Mook, daughter of Willard and Beatrice (Reitenbach) Mook. They had 5 children.
16g) 1. BONITA JEAN BOYER-Born 1 September 1947. Married at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Cowan, Pa. on 18 May 1974 to John Howard , son of Howard H. and Mary Elma Stahl.
16g) 2. DORENE E. BOYER-Born 31 May 1953. She is a twin to Darlene G.. Married 8 Dec 1973 to Dean Luther Zimmerman, son of Dean L. and Ruth Zimmerman.They were living in Alexandria, Va. 1974.
16g) 3. DARLENE G. BOYER-Born 31 May 1953. She is a twin to Dorene E.. One son.
15g) 3. EARL H. BOYER-Born 12 September 1921. Married to Winifred Wert-Born 25 January 19__, daughter of Harry and Mary (Stover) Wert.Living in Vicksburg as of 1975. 2 children.
16g) 1. STEPHEN EUGENE BOYER-Born 6 April 1950 in Williamsport, Pa.
16g) 2. KATHY ANN BOYER-Born 21 April 1955. Kathy married Donald E. Bilger at Christ's Lutheran Church on 22 May 1976.
15g) 4. ELVA MAE BOYER-Born 20 May 1924. Married to Peter C. Renshaw on 3 July 1948 in Cowan, Pa.
16g) 1. KAREN SUE RENSHAW-b: 27 Sept 1949 in Lewisburg, Pa.. Married on 26 Sept 1970 at St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Ridley Park, Pa. to Richard C. Yates, son of Richard & Helen (Steward) Yates.
16g) 2. DEBORAH JEAN RENSHAW-Born 27 Nov 1952 in Ridley Park, Pa.. Married on 26 June 1976 at St.Mark's Lutheran Church in Ridley Park,Pa. to Anthony Ramone,son of Anthony and Angeline Ramone.
16g) 3. ELIZABETH ANNA RENSHAW-Born 7 November 1960 in Ridley Park, Pa.
15g) 5. MARION JEAN BOYER-Born 28 December 1927. Married in Cowan, Pa. on 10 November 1951 to Arthur Miller, son of Comly and Bessie Miller. They had 3 children.
16g) 1. JEFFORY B. MILLER-Born 28 July 1954 in Lewisburg, Pa. Married on 28 October 1978, at Bucknell University, Lewisburg to Vickie Eichenlaub, daughter of Don E. and Janice (Emery) Eichenlaub.
16g) 2. LISA MARIE MILLER-Born 27 October 1957 in Lewisburg, Pa.. Married on 5 January 1979 in West Chester, Pa. to Ralph L. Haney III, son of Ralph L. Jr. and Betty (Weider) Haney
16g) 3. GREGORY MAX MILLER-Born 28 January 1964. Nothing further known.
15g) 6. GEORGE ROBERT BOYER-Born 6 December 1929 in Mifflinburg, Pa.. Married on 13 October 1951, in West Milton, Pa., to Emogene Taylor, daughter of Grover and Uversal (Hoffman) Taylor. They had 3 children.
16g) 1. BRENDIA ANN BOYER-Born 9 November 1954 in Lewisburg, Pa.. Married on 15 November 1976 in Lewisburg, Pa. to Joseph DiGiaicomo Jr., son of Joseph and Anna (Piskt) DiGiaicomo.
16g) 2. GLENDIA DEE BOYER-Born 22 July 1957 in Lewisburg, Pa. Married in Richardson, Texas on 21 May 1977 to Victor Nichols, son of Lee B. and Joan (Ferguson) Nichols
16g) 3. KELTON ROBERT BOYER-Born 16 August 1961 in Lewisburg, Pa. Nothing further known.
15g) 7. MILLARD DONALD BOYER-Born 25 September 1934 in Mifflinburg, Pa.. Married on 4 August 1957 in Laurelton to Linda Chambers, daughter of J. Robert and Kathryn (Sechler) Chambers. 3 daughters.
16g) 1. BETH ANN BOYER-Born 30 August 1959 in Lewisburg, Pa.
16g) 2. WENDY SUE BOYER-Born 14 June 1962 in Warren, Pa.
16g) 3. AMY LYNN BOYER-Born 19 January 1965 in Warren, Pa.
14g) 2. MABEL ELIZABETH HAUCK-Born 5 October 1903, Died 3 April 1961. Married on 8 February 1923 in West Milton to William Luther Shaffer, son of William and Anna Shaffer. Mabel is buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery. They had 2 children.
15g) 1. MYRTLE ALICE SHAFFER-Born 6 September 1923 in Cowan, Pa. Married to Nickolas J. Redkoles on 19 February 1945 in Fredrick, Md.. Myrtle and Nickolas were divorced. No children.
15g) 2. DOROTHY CHRISTABELLE SHAFFER-Born 13 July 1926 in Mifflinburg, Pa.. Married at Camp Blanding, Florida on 7 Apr 1945 to Robert Clair Adams-b: 25 Dec 1926, son of Clair and Helen Adams. 2 children.
16g) 1. MARJORIE ANN ADAMS-Born 13 October 1945 in Lewisburg, Pa..Married on 4 May 1968 to Roger E. Dunkle-Born 19 March 1944. He is the son of Willis and Gladys Dunkle. They have 2 children.
17g) 1. REBECCA ANN DUNKLE-Born 31 January 197
17g) 2. ERIC ROGER DUNKLE-Born 25 August 1973.
16g) 2. JAMES CRAIG ADAMS-Born 11 December 1953. Married on 7 April 1973 in Hartleton, Pa. to Karen Ann Aikey. She is the daughter of Maurice and Mary Ellen Aikey
14g) 3. JOHN FRANKLIN HAUCK-Born 25 May 1907 at Red Bank, Union Co., Pa.. Married on 26 September 1926 in Hagerstown, Md. to Anna Alberta Mathews-Born 26 August 1903, Died 26 April 1967. She was the daughter of William Nathan and Christiana Idella (Baker) Mathews. They had 2 children.
15g) 1. JOHN FRANKLIN HAUCK JR.-Born 27 January 1933 in Milton, Pa. Married on 19 November 1955 at Erie, Pa. to Ann Marie Weber-Born 6 Aug 1937/38, daughter of Michael and Eugenia Weber. 2 children.
14g) 1. JOHN FRANKLIN HAUCK III-Born 1 December 1956 in Erie, Pa.
14g) 2. TENNA HAUCK-Born 13 October 1960 in Erie, Pa.
15g) 2. BOBBIE ARLEE HAUCK-Born 17 January 1942
Susan Ada Hassenplug, daughter of Isreal and Harriet, married on 26 February 1874, by Reverend Addams to John Musser-Born 1842, Died 1918. John was a farmer in the 1880 census of West Buffalo Twsp., Union Co., Pa.. They had 4 children.
13g) 1. MARY MUSSER-Born 1879 Died 1970. She married Mason S. Mussina and lived in the Milton area. Both husband and wife are buried in the Harmony Cemetery in Milton. They had 3 sons.
14g) 2. RALPH S. MUSSINA-Born 1905 Died 1968. Married Arlene P. _________.
14g) 3. GEORGE MUSSINA-Born 1911 Married Anna W. _________.
13g) 2. HARRIET B. MUSSER-b:13 June 1882. Married in 1905 to Ward E. Wise-b:1879 d:1958. They had 3 children.
14g) 1. HAROLD M. WISE-Born 27 August 1906 Died 17 May 1974. Married in 1934 to Elva Dewire
14g) 2. BRUCE W. WISE-Born 1915 Died 1928. Buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery.
14g) 3. MARY ELIZABETH WISE-Born 10 Oct 1924. Married 21 July 1948 to Kermit Dale. They have 2 children.
12g)1.STEVEN DALE-Born 17 March 194912g)2.JOHN DALE-Born 27 February 1950
13g) 3. J. RITTER MUSSER- Married, Lived in Montoursville, Pa.. No children.
13g) 4. J. TROY MUSSER-Born 1888, Died 1966. Married to Alice F. __________-Born 1892. Lived in Milton, Pa. 1 son.
14g) 1.
12g) 2. WILLIAM H. HASSENPLUG-Born 6 Dec 1853 Died 3 Sept 1898. Married to Sarah Jane Royer-Born 6 May 1857 Died 28 July 1931. Both are buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery, however Sarah's name is given as Jennie S. on her stone. This is the same name listed in her Will in the Lewisburg Courthouse. However in the 1900 census of Mifflinburg Borough her name is listed as Sarah J. In 1897 William lived in Cowan and operated the Mussina, Heiser & Co's Mill. Like his father, Isreal, he followed the milling business. Had 5 children-George R., Carl W., Bertha C., Carrie Minerva, and Harriet I.
13g) 1. GEORGE ROBERT ROYER HASSENPLUG-Born 17 September 1877 Died 1962. Married on 19 April 1899 in Cowan by A.S. Baumgardner to Nora M. Miller-Born 6 July 1872 Died 1922. She was the daughter of George Aaron and Amelia Miller. In 1897 George operated the Roller Mill of Halfpenny & Grove at Millmont, Pa. Both buried Mifflinburg Cemetery.
14g) 1. WILLIAM DWIGHT HASSENPLUG-Born 8 June 1900 Died March 1960. Married 23 November 1921 to Mildred Ealer-Born 11 March 1901. Lived in Williamsport, Pa. 2 daughters.
15g) 1. GEORGENE ELLEN HASSENPLUG-Born 13 December 1923. Married 23 November 1947 to Gordon Wurster-Born 13 August 1922. 4 sons.
16g) 1. GREGORY DWIGHT WURSTER-Born 9 August 1949
16g) 2. LLOYD EDWARD WURSTER-Born 9 May 1952
16g) 3. MATTHEW GEORGE WURSTER-Born 18 November 1954
16g) 4. CARSON EALER WURSTER-Born 15 August 1956
15g) 2. MARY (Molly) EALER HASSENPLUG-Born 8 March 1937 Married to Thomas James Serafin-Born July 1936. 2 children.
16g) 1. CHRISTOPHER SERAFIN-Born 22 September 1963
16g) 2. JENNIFER SERAFIN-Born 30 October 1965
14g) 2. FREDERICK MILLER HASSENPLUG-Born Died. Married on to Margaret Smith-Born 1909.
17g) 2. ANNA SIMS
14g) 3. GEORGE ROBERT HASSENPLUG JR.-Born 4 March 1913 Died 6 March 1913. He is buried with his parents in the Mifflinburg Cemetery. George Robert's second marriage was to Gisela Buescher. She was born in 1879 and died in 1942. She was from Louisville, Ky.. She is buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery with her husband.
13g) 2. CARL W. HASSENPLUG-Born 8 June 1880 Died 9 March 1940. Married in 1907 to Henrietta (Etta) Stevenson-Born 1879 Died 1922. Both are buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery. They had 1 daughter.
14g) 1. ALICE G. HASSENPLUG-Born 18 November 1917 Carl married a second time, in April 1924, to Ida Mae Sortman-Born 23 December 1881 Died 3 October 1964. She is buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery. Carl and Ida had 1 daughter.
14g) 1. MIRIAM LUCILLE HASSENPLUG-Born 2 February 1925. Married on 22 November 1945 in Mifflinburg, Pa. to James Harrison Oberdorf Jr.-Born 25 May 19__. He is the son of James H. Sr. and Mary Elizabeth (Erb) Oberdorf. James retired from Merck in Riverside, Pa. and Miriam retired from being the Union County Treasurer. They live in Lewisburg and have 2 children.
15g) 1. MAX ANDREW OBERDORF-Born 18 December 1950. Has 2 children.
16g) 1. COURTNEY ANN OBERDORF-Born 2 November 1984.
16g) 2. DAMON MITCHEL OBERDORF-Born 28 June 1989>
15g) 2. KIM ALLAN OBERDORF-Born 15 September 1955. Married on 8 May 1980 to Jennen Powell-Born 20 January 1954. They have 2 sons.
16g) 1. KYLE JAMES OBERDORF-Born 16 October 1983.
16g) 2. BRAD RICHARD OBERDORF-Born 16 March 1986.
13g) 3. BERTHA C. HASSENPLUG-Born 18 October 1882 in Mifflinburg, Pa. In the 1900 census of Union Co. we found Bertha as a servant at the Beaver's farm. She married George Swartz. 1 child known
14g) 1. JANE SWARTZ-Married to Robert Wood. 2 children.
15g) 1. DAVID WOOD
15g) 2. JERRY WOOD
13g) 4. CARRIE MINERVA HASSENPLUG-Born 29 July 1887 at Cowan, Pa., Died March 1970 at Williamsport, Pa.. Married in 1908 to John Lee (Levi) Miller-Born 26 November 1889 near Forest Hill, Union Co., Pa.. He was the son of Lewis H. and Veronica (Yoder) Miller. He died in 1962 at Williamsport, where he lived. They had 3 sons.
14g) 1. KENNETH EILERT MILLER-Born 8 April 1909, Died 28 September 1972. He bought out his father's share in "Hurr's" dairy business in Williamsport, Pa., which since his death is run by his two sons, William and Ronald. His first marriage was to Essie _______, and his second marriage was to Isabelle _________. 2 sons.
15g) 1. WILLIAM KENNETH MILLER-Married Peggy ___, has five children. Lives (1974) in Williamsport, Pa.
14g) 2. GEORGE LEWIS MILLER-Born 16 June 1912. Married Thelma Pries-Born 19 August 1913, lives (1974) in Pittsburgh, Pa. 3 children.
15g) 1. LAWRENCE PRIES MILLER-Born 24 September 1932, (adopted son of G. Lewis's from Thelma's first marriage), married Janet Kiser-Born 21 August 193_.
16g) 1. SCOTT LAWRENCE MILLER-Born 22 November 1964. Lawrence Pries Miller married a 2nd time in 1973 to Lynn ________. They live (1974) in Olney, Md. 2 children.
16g) 1. MICHAEL CHOATE MILLER-Born 30 May 1969, was adopted 23 July 1975.
16g) 2. MATTHEW MILLER-Born April 1974
15g) 2. ANTHONY LEWIS MILLER-Born 17 June 1939. Married Judy Lynn Foust-Born 24 February 1941. They live (1974) in Williamsport, Pa.
16g) 1. TAMMY LYNN MILLER-Born 7 December 1963
15g) 3. SYDNEY LYNN MILLER-Born 6 December 1943 at Williamsport, Pa.. Married Richard A. Heinsberg-Born 24 August 1943 at Pittsburgh, Pa.. They live (1974) in Mars, Pa. 5 children.
16g) 1. TODD RICHARD HEINSBERG-Born 12 July 1967.
16g) 2. KIMBERLY LYNN HEINSBERG-Born 15 November 1968.
16g) 3. KATE LARA HEINSBERG-Born 19 March 1971.
16g) 4. MAGGIE SUZANNE HEINSBERG-Born 22 September 1972.
16g) 5. AMANDA LISA HEINSBERG-Born 31 December 1973.
14g) 3. WILLIAM HENRY MILLER-Born 23 Dec 1919. Married Betty Saffer. They live (1974) in Williamsport, Pa. 2 children.
15g) 1. DEBRA MILLER-Born 18 November 1954. She is a graduate nurse.
15g) 2. JEFFREY MILLER, adopted nephew of Betty
13g) 5. HARRIET I. HASSENPLUG-Born 9 May 1890 at Cowan, Union Co., Pa., Died 3 May 1973 at N. Canton, Ohio. Harriet married on 1 March 1913, at Mifflinburg, Pa, to John William Schuck Sr.-Born 27 June 1889 Died 31 December 1920 at Akron, Ohio. John had changed his name prior to being married from Shuck to Schuck. He was the son of William J. and Mary Catherine Hoy Shuck. 2 children.
14g) 1. JOHN WILLIAM SCHUCK-Born 30 November 1915 Died 18 January 1972. Married on 25 December 1939 to Nell Ann Williams-Born 20 July 1920. They are living (1974) in Grand Rapids, Mich.. they had 3 children.
15g) 1. BRUCE ALLEN SCHUCK-Born 21 October 1940. Married on 2 September 1961 to LeAnn l. McNaughton-Born 15 October 1940. They live (1974) in N. Tonawanda, N.Y. and have 3 children.
16g) 1. SARA MARIE SCHUCK-Born 20 February 1964.
16g) 2. JENNIFER KATHERINE SCHUCK-Born 15 July 1965.
16g) 3. JONATHAN BRUCE SCHUCK-Born 25 September 1969.
15g) 2. ROBERT THOMAS SCHUCK-Born 20 March 1945.
15g) 3. BARBARA SUE SCHUCK-Born 17 October 1950. Married 1 July 1973 to Michael Sonsone.
14g) 2. ROBERT E. SCHUCK-Born 2 July 1919. Was single and living in New York City as of 1974.
Harriet (Hassenplug) Schuck's second marriage was to Harry Knarr. They were married in the summer of 1932.
12g) 3. ANNIE M. HASSENPLUG-Born 19 December 1860 Died 7 July 1885. The third child of Isreal and Harriet. Married on 1 December 1881 to Jasper H. Shontz-Born 4 October 1860 Died 26 November 1939. He was the son of Harvey and Nancy J. (Gerhart) Shontz. They are both buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery. They had 1 daughter.
13g) 1. CARRIE M. SHONTZ-Born July 1882. She married a Mr. Sechler, she is listed in the 1900 census of Mifflinburg. Borough as being at school and living with her father, step-mother, 1 step-brother and 4 step-sister
11g) 6. LEAH HASSENPLUG-Born 23 September 1828 in Mifflinburg, Pa. Died 8 August 1900 in Unionville, Pa..She was married on 30 January 1858 to Jesse D. Rearick-Born 5 August 1830 in Union County, Pa., Died 12 March 1897 near Milesburg, Pa. He was the son of George and Mary C. (Steme) Rearick. Jesse and Leah are mentioned in the COMMEMORATIVE BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD on pages 273and274.Leahand Jesse raised 5 children,:George, Mary C., Hannah M., John A.C.,and Ella B..
12g) 1. GEORGE REARICK-Born 24 October 1858. He was living at home at the time of his mother's death.
12g) 2. MARY C. REARICK-Born 10 February 1861. She was living at home at the time of her mother's death.
12g) 3. HANNAH M. REARICK-Born 11 January 1863. She married Calvin Lucas and lived in Romola, Pa.
12g) 4. JOHN A. C. REARICK-Born 2 January 1865. He lived in Bellefonte.
12g) 5. ELLA B. REARICK-Born 2 August 1867. She married William Lucas and resided in Zion, Pa.
11g) 7. ZACHARIUS HASSENPLUG. Zacharius is mentioned in the COMMEMORATIVE BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD on page 274 as being a brother of Leah and deceased at the time of writing. nothing further known.