Descendants of Johan Heinrich Hasenpflug (1792)

(Henry Hassenplug & Mollie Frock)

10g) 2. Johann Heinrich (Henry) Hassenpflug remarried after the death of his first wife, Catherine Stem, in 1830. His second wife was Mollie Mary Frock-Born 1803. Nothing more is known about Mollie. They had 5 children by this union.
11g) 1. MATILDA HASSENPLUG-Born 1838. Married John Cline(or Kline) and lived in Tyrone, Mifflin Co., Pa.
11g) 2. HENRY E. HASSENPLUG-Born:Dec 27, 1841, Union Co, PA;MAR: Ellen N. Hartman, 9 OCT 1862/63: Fremont, Ohio Five children,Listed on wife's pension application County Clerk's Office, Book C-18, pg 59, Rochester;Father: Henry Hassenplug,; Mother:Polly Frock, born:Germany;Informant: M.O. King. In the 1860 census of Union Co. he was learning the milling business in Buffalo Twsp.. He went to Ohio in 1861 and later Henry moved to Indiana where he became a framer.
From Hartman Family Bible, copywrite 1855. Last in possession of George Hartman of Wyandott?, Mich. on Sun July 18, 197?."Ellennoma (or Ellennama) Hartman was born July 1st 1844.
1865 From Commemorative Historical and Biographical Record of Wood County, OH; J.H.Beers & Co., 1897; pg 1175 IGI bir Fiche 7718006/93 and pg 150;" H.E. Hassenplug, C, 72, en. [enlisted?] Oct., '62, cap. [captured] June 11,'64, near Ripley,(Brices Cross Roads Civil War Battlefield) m.o. [mustered out?] May, '65."Maybe "Flavenpluy" in some records.
BUR: South Germany Cemetery, 6 miles SW of Richlnd Center, IN, at 450N & 500W; have picture of gravestone; " Henry E. DEC.27,1841-DEC.25,1912 ... Hassenplug" and "Ellen N. July 1, 1844 -Nov. 21, 1920 [below] HASSENPLUG" Have handwritten copy of certificate of death, Reg No 417 Cause: Acute Dililation of Heart, from chronic weakness of heart muscle. He was in Anderville.
12g) 1. WILLIAM B. HASSENPLUG-Born 12 Nov 1863 in Ohio.d: 24 Nov 1948 in Rochester, Fulton,In. Married to Mary L. Oles, born: September 1875 in Indiana. Number of chidn:2
13g) 1. Grace Armeda Hassenplug b: Sept 1896 Married 30 Apr 1924 Clarence E. Reinhold
13g) 2. Edward Byron Hassenplug b: 13 Oct 1901 d:
19 May 1947. Married 25 Dec 1930 to Ines Marie Hartman b:16 Oct 1911. Number of chidn:2
14g) 1. Charles Henry Hassenplug b:9 Nov 1933. Married 27 Oct 1956 to Laura Ellen Rigney. Charles's 2nd wife on 18 Jun 1966 was Joyce Diane Briney B:1 Aug 1938. 2 chidn.
12g)1. Melissa Dawn Hassenplug b:5 Mar 1967
12g)2. Edward Eugene Hasenplug b:27 Aug 1973
14g) 2. Richard Edward Hassenplug b:19 Jun 1940. Married 10 Jun 1960 Betty Ann Wagoner b:26 Aug __ 2 chidn.
15g) 1. Linda Ann Hassenplug b:18 Dec 1962
15g) 2. Julie Arlene Hassenplug b:7 Dec 1966
12g) 2. LUELLA HASSENPLUG-Born 1868 in Ohio. Married Louis Beehler
13g) 1. boy Beehler b:14 Feb 1887 d:14 Feb 1887 in In.
12g) 3. ROSELLA HASSENPLUG-Born 1870 in Ohio.Married O'Blenis 1 Jan 1891
12g) 4. ANNA LEORA HASSENPLUG-Born 6 Nov 1874 Died 7 Oct 1876 in Richland Center, Fulton, IN
12g) 5.
ELBE HENRY HASSENPLUG-Born March 14, 1880 in Indiana. Married Estella May Buehler. 3 children. d: Aug. 30, 1957 Marshall, In.
13g) 1. OBED BUEHLER HASSENPLUG-b: 23 Aug 1908 in Rochester, Fulton, In d: 25 Apr 1989 in Roseville, Placer, CA In South Bend, St Joesph, In. on May 31, 1930 married Leora Eldeen Shafer-b: 19 Oct 1911 in Argos, Marshall, In d: 10 Feb 1993 in Warsaw, Kosciusko, In. Number of chldn: 2
14g) 1. WILLIAM HAROLD HASSENPLUG-b: 17 Jun 1931 in Argos, Marshall, In Married Doris Elaine Walls on 26 Jan 1950 in Mentone, Kosciusko, In. Number of chldn: 2
15g) 1. DAVID BRENT HASSENPLUG-b: 23 Jan 1952 in Tacoma, Pierce, WA d: 5 Jun 1996 in Woodburn,Allen,In Married in Metea, Cass, In. on Aug. 6 1972, Debra Lynn Powell-b: 1954 in Rochester, Fulton, In. Number of chldn: 2
16g) 1. LORI LYNN HASSENPLUG-b: 24 Apr 1974 in Fort Wayne, Allen, In Chris Steele-b: 1973, Married 25 Oct 1995 in Fort Wayne, Allen, In
17g) 1. JERROO ROBERT STEELE-b: 1997

2nd Husband of Lori Lynn Hassenplug: Matthew Depew, Married 2002.

16g) 2. KRISTI LYNN HASSENPLUG-b: 1977 in Fort Wayne, Allen, In.

2nd Wife of David Brent Hassenplug:Debra Ellen Harris-b: 1955 in Huntington, Huntington, In. Married 14 Feb 1982 in Roanoke, Allen, In Number of chldn: 1
16g) 1. SEAN DAVID HASSENPLUG-b: 1982 in Fort Wayne, Allen, In
15g) 2. DANIEL JOE HASSENPLUG-b: 1954 in Oakland, Alameda, CA. Catherine Miller-b: 1955 in Rochester, Fulton, In Married 17 Mar 1973 in Kewanna, Fulton, In
16g) 1. BRIAN PATRICK HASSENPLUG-b: 1973 in Logansport, Cass, In
16g) 2.
BRADLEY ALLEN HASSENPLUG-b: 1975 in Logansport, Cass, In. Married Heather Ault b: 1977 on 22 Jun 1996 in Grass Creek, Fulton, IN.
16g) 3.
*2nd Wife of William Harold Hassenplug: Barbara Jane Kent-b: 1939 in Elgin, Kane, IL. Married 23 Jan 1960 in Berkeley, Cook, IL.
15g) 1. BUNNIE LEE HASSENPLUG-b: Living. Bruce Patrick Cleland-b: 1959 in North Kingstown, Washington, RI Married in 15 Dec 1984 in Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, NY. Number of chldn: 2
16g) 1. AMANDA MARIE CLELAND-b: 1987 in Portsmouth, VA.
16g) 2.
BRANDON MICHAEL CLELAND-b: 1991 in Glens Falls, Warren, NY.
15g) 2. STEVEN DUANE HASSENPLUG-b: 1965 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe, In, Steven's car.Graduation from Purdue, Married 2000, Heather Diane Linnemeier,
16g) 1. Matthew Thomas Hassenplug, 2000
16g) 2. Kurtis Alexander Hassenplug, 2002
14g) 2. GRETTA MAE HASSENPLUG-b: 1932 in Argos, Marshall, IN. Francis Wade Ulmer-b: 15 Jun 1930 in Etna Green, Kosciusko, In d: 18 Oct 1951 in St Joseph, In. Married 20 Feb 1950 in Argos, Marshall, In. Number of chldn: 2
15g) 1. ROBERT HAROLD ULMER-b: 14 Oct 1950 in South Bend, St Joseph, In. Jackie Sue Knepper-b: 15 Jul 1952 in Warsaw, Kosciusko, In. Married on 18 Apr 1969 in Attwood, Kosciusko,In.Number of chldn: 4
16g) 1. KAREN LEE ULMER-b: 1969 in Warsaw, Kosciusko, In. James Loren Walton-b: 6 Jun 1962 in Hastings, Barry, MI.Married on 23 Dec 1988 in Claypool, Kosciusko, In.Number of chldn: 1
14g)1.JAMES DEAN WALTON-b: 1989 in Warsaw, Kosciusko, In
16g) 2. GUY KNEPPER ULMER-b: 1971 d: 1971
16g )3. MARY MAY ULMER-b: 1972 d: 1972
16g) 4. SHELINA ANN ULMER-b:1975 in Fort Wayne, Allen, In
2nd Wife of Robert Harold Ulmer: Brenda Jean Nuell-b: 1951 in Warsaw, Kosciusko, In. Married on 1 Aug 1980 No chihn.
3rd Wife of Robert Harold Ulmer: Sindee.
15g) 1.
BRENDA LEE ULMER-b: 1951 in Bremen, Marshall, In Ricky Lee Barker-b: 1946 in Twin Falls, ID. Married on 17 Dec 1969 in Indianapolis, Marion, In Number of chldn:1
16g) 1. ERIC JASON TROY BARKER-b: 1970 in Goshen, Elkhart, In Angela Ann Poe-b: 24 Jun 1970. Married on 24 Aug 1993 in Warsaw, Kosciusko, In.
17g) 1. DANIELLE MARIE BARKER-b: 1993 in Warsaw, Kosciusko, In.
2nd Husband of Gretta Mae Hassenplug: Keith Devone Jordan-b: 8 Sep 1924 in Argos, Marshall, In d: 19 Jun 1981 in Kosciusko, In. Married on 3 Sep 1952 in Argos, Marshall, In. Number of chldn: 1
15g) 1. ANNA LOUISE JORDAN-b: 1956 in Warsaw, Kosciusko, In. Scott Dyer Eggleston-b: 19 Jun 1955 in Washington, Daviess, In. Married on 22 Nov 1975 in Leesburg, Kosciusko, In. Nu
16g) 1. JILL LOUISE EGGLESTON-b: 1976 in Fort Wayne, Allen, In
16g) 2. CARI DIANE EGGLESTON-b: 1978 in Fort Wayne, Allen, In. chldn: 1
14g)1. JORDAN SCOTT EGGLESTON-b: 1993 in Norwalk, Huron, OH
16g) 3. ROBERT KIETH EGGLESTON-b: 1988 in Norwalk, Huron, OH
3rd Husband of Gretta Mae Hassenplug: Gene Early Felabom-b: 1926 in North Manchester, Wabash, In. Married on 25 Nov 1978 in Leesburg, Kosciusko, In
2nd Wife of Obed Buehler Hassenplug:Dorothy Mae Emenaker Married 1946 in CA Number of chldn: 2
14g) 1. MARVIN EDWARD HASSENPLUG-b: 23 Feb 1947 in San Bernidino, CA Number of chldn: 1
15g) 1. MATTHEW HASSENPLUG-b: cir 1972
14g) 2. MAURICE OBED HASSENPLUG-b: 10 May 1948 in Attadena, CA d: 8 Apr 1971
13g) 2. MABEL CELESTA HASSENPLUG-Born 12 May 1905 Died 10 January 1975. Buried in New Oak Hill Cemetery in Plymouth, Ind.. She was a graduate of Indiana State College and was a school teacher for 34 years, having taught in Fulton Co., Ind. She married 13 June 1934 to Stanley Brown. They lived in Plymouth, Ind. and had 2 daughters.
14g) 1. PHYLLIS BROWN-b:23 Oct 1936 d:6 Aug 1990 New Haven, Conn. On 24 Aug 1958 married Robert Sandine b:27 Jan 1937 in Chicago IL. 3 chidn.
15g) 1. MARK DAVID SANDINE b:20 June 1960 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN
15g) 2. KRIS ERIC SANDINE b: 1963 in New Haven, New Haven, CT
15g) 3. LISA SUSA SANDINE b: 1968 in New Haven, New Haven, CT
14g) 2. SUSAN BROWN-Married Joseph Losacco and lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming as of 1974.
13g) 3. ALETA RUTH HASSENPLUG-Married Laverne Beach 29 May 1931. Lived in North Platt, Neb. in 1974.
14g) 1. Lavern D. Jr. Beach
14g) 2. Pat Beach (Pat & Toots) Married Warren Popp
11g) 3. SARAH J. HASSENPLUG-Born 1842. Died young. Daughter of Henry and Mollie (Frock) Hassenplug.
11g) 4. SAMUEL F.HASSENPLUG-Born 15 October 1843 Died 5 July 1916. Was married on 22 October 1868 to Anna Elizabeth Frederick-Born 29 June 1844 Died 17 April 189. Both buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery. Samuel served in the Civil War in Co. D.150, P. V.. 1 son.
12g) 1. HARRY HASSENPLUG-Born c.1871 in Mifflinburg, Pa.. Married Rosie Lintz and lived in the Tyrone area of Pa. 1 son known.
13g) 1. SAMUEL F. HASSENPLUG-Born 28 August 1894 in Tyrone, Pa, Died 1 August 1973 in the J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital in Huntington, Pa.. Lived in Cedarcrest, Mount Union at the time of his death. He was a farmer in the Mount Union Area. Married Izora Pollock-Born 12 December 1901 in Blackwell Valley and Died 7 February 1958. She was the daughter of John and Patty (Bilger) Pollock. Samuel and Izora had no children between them.
11g) 5. JANE JENNIE HASSENPLUG-Born 1850 died 1917. Married Issac Shirk, a Tanner of Tyrone, Pa.. The family is buried in the Tyrone Cemetery. They had several daughters.
This ends all the known descendants of Johann Heinrich (Henry) Hassenpflug.

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