Descendants of Johannes Hasenpflug (1790)

10g) 1. JOHANNES (JOHN) HASENPFLUG- Born 18 December 1790 in Lebanon, Dauphin County (Lebanon Co.), Pa.- Died 6 November 1881 in Ross County, Ohio. Johannes was married in 1812 to Sarah Bankman-Born 15 August 1791 in Pa., Died 15 May 1862 in Ross Co., Ohio. They lived in Mifflinburg, Pa. where they raised 9 children. John was a saddler by trade. In 1837 John and Sarah took their family to Ross Co., Ohio-where they appear in the 1840 and 1850 census of Green Township. John and his wife are both buried in the Salem Reformed Cemetery there.
11g) 1. HENRY HASENPFLUG-Born c.1814 in Mifflinburg, Pa.. Died 12 August 1843 in Pickaway Township, Pickaway County, Ohio. He is buried in the Rice and Black Cemetery. Henry was married on 26 September 1841 to Barbara Valentine in Pickaway County, Ohio by Rev. Joseph A. Roo at the Lutheran Reformed Church. Nothing further known.
11g) 2. DAVID HASENPFLUG-Born 28 April 1819 in Mifflinburg, Pa. Died 1 October 1891 in Ross Co., Ohio. David was married to Elizabeth Rock(e)y-Born c.1828 in Pennsylvania. Died 19 November 1898 in Ross Co.,Ohio. She was the daughter of Catherine Rock(e)y who was also born in Pa.. Both husband and wife are buried in the Salem Reformed Cemetery at Ross Co., Ohio. They had 2 daughters.
12g) 1. LUTICIA HASENPFLUG-Born c.1845
12g) 2. SARAH HASENPFLUG-Born c.1847
11g) 3. WILLIAM HENRY HASENPFLUG-Born c.1820 in Mifflinburg, Pa. Married Lucinda Robinson on 26 January 1843 by Rev. Elijah Kuhn (or Rohn). William and Lucinda had 4 children.
12g) 1 MARY A. HASENPFLUG-Born c.1846
12g) 2. SARAH A. HASENPFLUG-Born c.1850 in Ohio.
12g) 3. WILLIAM A. HASENPFLUG-Born c.1860 in Ohio. Married Elizabeth _____________-Born August 1861. 3 children.
13g) 1. MAUD HASENPFLUG-Born September 1880
13g) 2. OSCAR H. HASENPFLUG-Born October 1882.
13g) 3. EDGAR HASENPFLUG-Born March 1885.
12g) 4. ELIZABETH HASENPFLUG-Born c.1863.
11g) 4. LEVI HASENPFLUG-Born 23 February 1821 in Mifflinburg, Pa.. Died 27 January 1903 in Woodson Co., Kansas. Levi married on 6 January 1848 by Rev Elijah Kuhn to Elizabeth Elnora Arrowsmith-Born 19 August 1827 in Green Township, Ross Co., Ohio.-Died 23 April 1914 in Woodson Co., Kansas. She was the daughter of John and Phoebe (Ritter) Arrowsmith. Levi and his brother William were buggymakers in Chillicothe, Ohio. Levi's first seven children were born in Ohio, four more were born in Illinois, where levi became a farmer. In 1878, Levi took his family to Kansas where he bought land in Eminence Township, Woodson Co., 12 miles east of Humboldt. As of 1977 the farm was still owned by a grandson (Ira Alvin Hassenpflug Jr). Levi and Elizabeth are both buried in the Toronto Cemetery in Woodson Co., Kansas. They had 11 children and they were named; Mary E., Barbara E., Sarah J., John W., Louisa E., George E., David A., Henry E., Nancy C., Lucinda A. and Ira A.
12g) 1. MARY ELIZABETH HASENPFLUG-Born 29 December 1848 in Ross Co., Ohio. Died in 1930. Married to George Weidner Jr. of Bloomington, Illinois. George was a stagecoach driver in Circleville, Ohio and Mclean Co., Ill. He died in 1916. Mary and George had 9 children. They were: Franklin, Sadie May, Matilda (Tillie), Edward, George, Minnie Irene, Nettie, Annabelle and Chancey. Annabelle and Chancey were twins. Franklin never married.Sadie May had 3 children. Matilda (Tillie) had 2 children. Edward had 3 children. George had 3 children. Minnie Irene had 2 children. Nettie had 9 children. Annabelle had 6 children. Chancey had 1 child. Nothing further known.
12g) 2. BARBARA ELLEN HASENPFLUG-Born 29 April 1850 in Ross Co., Ohio. Died 6 May 1909. She was married twice. Her first husband was Alvin Flemming and in 1891 her second spouse was Luther Frame. No children to either husband.
12g) 3. SARAH JANE HASENPFLUG-Born 25 January 1853 in Ross Co., Ohio. Died 4 April 1931 in Buffalo, Kansas. Sarah never married.
12g) 4. JOHN WILLIAM HASENPFLUG-Born 2 January 1855 in Ross Co., Ohio. Died 6 January 1933. Married Mary E Harrison-Born 13 July 1862, Died 6 January 1933. They were married in a double wedding with Barbara Ellen. 2 children.
13g) 1. PERTHENIA HASENPFLUG Married to Fritz Krettesmyer. No children.
13g) 2. LILLIE MAY HASENPFLUG-Born 10 August 1889, Died on 11 February 1912.
12g) 5. LOUISA EMILY HASENPFLUG-Born 6 May 1857 in Ross Co., Ohio. Died 11 May 1907 in Toronto, Kansas. Married to Charles P. Overman on 11 May 1896. He died in 1898 after being kicked by a horse. No children.
12g) 6. GEORGE EDWARD HASENPFLUG-Born 1 September 1858, Died 4 March 1949. Married to Orva Green-Born 1868, Died 1935. 1 daughter.
13g) 1. HAZEL BESSIE HASENPFLUG-Married Edward Barnhart. She lived in Humboldt, Kansas when she died.
12g) 7. DAVID ALLEN HASENPFLUG-Born 16 December 1861 in Ross Co., Ohio. Died 19 August 1912 in Woodson Co., Ohio. Married on 2 February 1880 to Luticia Brush-Born 21 December 1860, Died 23 August 1920. They were married near Meshoppen in Wyoming Co., Pa.. She was the daughter of Alva and Elizabeth (Sharpe) Brush. David was a farmer and stock raiser. His farm was part of the land on which his father, Levi, settled in 1878. They had 3 children.
13g) 1. GEORGE FRANKLIN HASENPFLUG-Born 28 Aug 1881 in Rose, Kansas. Died 14 Apr 1960 at Yates Center, Ka. Married on 12 Apr1906 to Dora Frame. George is buried at the Yates Center Cemetery. They had 1 daughter.
13g) 2. ARTHUR ALLEN HASENPFLUG-Born 24 January 1888 in Woodson Co., Kansas, Died 30 December 1979 in Kansas City, Mo.. Arthur took accounting in the Business School of Baker University and also Emporia Normal School and Kansas Wesleyen Business College. He was married on 28 October 1914 in Salina, Kansas to Grace Ellen Garrison-Born 11 January 1890 in Anderson Co., Ks., Died 3 December 1976 in Kansas City, Mo.. She was the daughter of Philip Myron and Sarah Ann (Ecord) Garrison. They are both entombed in Mount Moriah Mausoleum in Kansas City. 1 child.
14g) 1. ARTHUR ALLEN HASSENFLU-Born 13 June 1916 in Pratt, Kansas. Married 7 February 1941 in Kansas City to Maxine Howel-Born 15 March 1919. 1 child.
15g) 1. JUDITH LYNN HASSENFLU-Born 4 June 1943 in Colorado Springs, Co.. Married Dennis R. Coll-Born 18 August 1943. 4 children.
16g) 1. BRIAN EDWARD COLL-Born 6 March 1970
16g) 2. SHANNON LEE COLL-Born 15 May 1971
16g) 3. GAVIN SCOTT COLL-Born 11 March 1976
16g) 4. BRANDON EBELING COLL-Born 6 April 1979
*2nd Wife of ARTHUR ALLEN HASSENFLU - Virginia Lee (Green) Adams-Born 2 July 1922 at Eldora, Kansas. They were married on 5 December 1958 in Fairway, Ks. She is the daughter of Elton Ezra and Ira Nell (Edmonds) Green. Had two children.
15g) 1. GARRISON LEE HASSENFLU-Born 6 January 1961 in Kansas City, Mo.. Married 8 April 1989 in Kansas City to Diana Lynn Kline-Born 4 June 1960 in Louisville, Kentucky.
*2nd Wife of GARRISON LEE HASSENFLU - Jody Kaylen Holloway They married 23 April 1999, Kansas City, MO.
16g) 1. TATE ARTHUR HASSENFLU, Born 7 April 2000.
16g) 2. PEYTON MARIE HASSENFLU - Born 7 April 2000
15g) 2. MARK EDMONDS HASSENFLU-Born 19 May 1962 in Kansas City, Mo.
13g) 3. LUTHER LEVI HASENPFLUG-Born 2 September 1894 in Woodson, Ks.. Married to Kay Lilly on 17 July 1921. No further details known.
12g) 8. HENRY ELLIS HASENPFLUG-Born 19 February 1864 in McLean Co.,Ill., Died 9 July 1936 in Arnett, Ok.. Married 12 March 1896 in Emporia, Ks. to Minnie Flomerfelt. Henry married a second time on 4 July 1906 to Ella Lutes. No further details known.
12g) 9. NANCY CATHERINE HASENPFLUG-Born 19 February 1864 in Mclean Co., Ill.. Nancy died at birth. She was a twin to Henry Ellis.
12g) 10. LUCINDA ADELINE HASENPFLUG-Born 29 October 1866 in Mclean Co., Ill., Died 17 January 1937. Married 29 December 1899 to Elmer Magill. No children.
12g) 11. IRA ALVIN HASENPFLUG-Born 27 February 1869 in Mclean Co., Ill. Died 29 July 1958. Married to Elsie E. Nittler-Born 11 January 1883. Elsie had 2 children by a previous marriage. They had 1 child between them.
13g) 1. IRA ALVIN (Bud) HASENPFLUG JR.- Ira had 3 sons. No other details known.
14g)1.SHAWN HASENPFLUG-Born 1964
14g)2.CHAD HASENPFLUG-Born 1965

11g) 5. ELIZABETH HASENPFLUG-Born c.1827
11g) 6. JOHN HASENPFLUG-Born c.1830
11g) 7. BARBARA ELLEN HASENPFLUG-Born c.1834 Died in Chillicothe, Ohio. She was more than 84 years of age when she died. She was married on 30 December 1858 in Ross Co., Ohio by Rev. George Carpenter to George Barnhart-Born c.1835, Died 1872. George was a blacksmith by trade. He also was a Deacon in the German Reformed Church in Green Township. They had 2 children when George died.

12g) 1.
12g) 2. HARLEY ALLEN BARNHART-Born 26 July 1865 Died 30 July 1926. Married on 21 March 1888 in Ross Co. to Rebecca S. Haynes-Born 19 March 1870, Died 8 November 1949. She was the daughter of Jacob H. and Mary (Strawser) Haynes. Harley owned the Barnhart Granite Company in Chillicothe, Ohio. Both husband and wife are buried in the Grandview Cemetery in Chillicothe, Ohio. They had 3 sons.
13g) 1. LEE MANNING BARNHART-Born 9 March 1894, Died 27 June 1969. Worked with his father in his monument business. Buried with his parents.
13g) 3. ROBERT A. BARNHART- Married to Elizabeth Evans. Only 1 child known.
14g) 1. ROBERT ALLEN BARNHART-Born 30 May 1940, Died 1 January 1963. He was an Airman 1/c in the U.S.A.F.. Robert is buried with his grand-parents in the Grandview Cemetery in Chillicothe.

11g) 8. GEORGE FRANKLIN HASENPFLUG-Born 26 June 1835 in Mifflinburg, Pa., Died 4 December 1917. Married 21 January 1862 in Ross Co., Ohio by John Suander, V.D.M. to Martha Ellen May-Born 12 November 1844, Died 14 November 1916. They had 5 children.

12g) 1. SAMUEL OTTO HASENPFLUG-Born 30 September 1873 in Spring Valley, Iowa, Died 5 August 1948 in Groton, S.D.. Married 26 October 1898 in Cascade, Iowa to Rachel Ada Belle Huntington-Born 12 October 1875 in Dubuque, Iowa, Died 18 March 1960 in Webster, S.D.. They had 5 children.
13g) 1. LESLIE HUNTINGTON HASENPFLUG-Born 1 June 1901 in Chillicothe, Ohio, Died 14 September 1982. Married to Beulah Johnson-Born 9 October 1906 in Woonsocket, S.D.. They lived in North Hollywood, Ca.. They had 2 children.
14g) 1. JOAN KATHRYN HASENPFLUG-Born 14 March 1935 in Aberdeen, S.D.. Married to Pastor Fred Edwards. They have 3 daughters.
15g) 1.
15g) 2.
15g) 3.

14g) 2. DANIEL OTTO HASENPFLUG-Born 14 July 1940 in Aberdeen, S.D.. Married and living (1983) in Birmingham, Mi.. Has 3 daughters.

15g) 1.
15g) 2.
15g) 3.

13g) 2. RUTH MARY HASENPFLUG-Born 4 October 1904 in Chillicothe, Ohio. Married _________ Hallmark and was living in Glacier, Washington.
13g) 3. HAROLD OTTO HASENPFLUG-Born 19 December 1905 in Chillicothe, Ohio. Died 24 February 1915.
13g) 4. NORMAN FRANKLIN HASENPFLUG-Born 16 Aug. 1908 in Ordway, S.D.. Died 19 Mar 1972 in Burbank, Ca.


13g) 5. HELEN ADA BELLE HASENPFLUG-Born 13 March 1920 on Ordway, S.D.. Married __________ Dresbach.

12g) 2. WILLIAM F. HASENPFLUG Married Ada ___________. Had 3 children.

13g) 1. LEE HASENPFLUG Had 2 children.
14g) 1. HAZEL HASENPFLUG Married ____________ Krause.
14g) 2. WILLIAM BURTIS HASENPFLUG Married Elizabeth (Betty) ____________. Lived in Ipswich, S.D.. Moved to San Diego. Moved to Canoga Park around 1974. William is in the construction business. Had 5 children.
15g) 1. BETTY JO HASENPFLUG Lived in Long Beach, Ca. as of 1974.
15g) 2. ROGER LEE HASENPFLUG Lived in Waconia, Minn.

13g) 2. LOREN HASENPFLUG Married Helen _____________. Helen was living in Long Beach, Ca. as of 1974. 1 child.



12g) 3. LUTHER L. HASENPFLUG Was a Reverend for 32 years in Hiawatha, Ks. No children.
12g) 5. LORETTA M. HASENPFLUG Married to Ike Gearhardt.
These are the only known descendants of Johannes (John) Hasenpflug