(Samuel Hassenplug)

10g)4.SAMUEL HASENPFLUG-Born 26 August 1794 in Lebanon, Dauphin Co., Pa., Died 2 January 1871 in Mifflinburg, Pa. Son of Johann and Anna Maria, He was Baptized on 4 January 1795. Married to Rachael __________-Born 18 December 1797 Died 17 April 1863 in Mifflinburg, Pa.. Samuel served in the War of 1812 in Capt. Henry Miller's Regiment as part of the 2nd Brigade- 2nd Division of the Pa. Militia. Samuel was a farmer. Samuel and his wife are buried together in the Mifflinburg Cemetery. Samuel and Rachael had 7 children. They are: Susannah, Emanuel, Elmira, Julia A., Sarah, Samuel, John H..
11g)1.SUSANNAH HASSENPLUG-Born 11 August 1823, Died 17 March 1888. Married 24 September 1846, by Rev.C.G.Erlenmeyer, to Henry Swineford-Born 5 April 1820 Died 28 January 1894. He was a carpenter in the Borough of Mifflinburg in the 1850 Census. This was Henry's second marriage, he having been married to Amilea Klose on 9 February 1840 until her death in August 1845. Susannah and Henry had 5 children-Albright, Henry, Chares, Amilia, Elizabeth.
12g)1.ALBRIGHT SWINEFORD-Born 23 June 1847 Died 24 September 1851.
12g)2.HENRY C. SWINEFORD-Born 11 January 1850 Died 20 January 1920. Married to Caroline K. Shively-Born 17 May 1853 Deid 22 January 1916. Both buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery. They had seven children, namely Anna B., Mary A., Katherine L., Laura J., Flora M., Daniel R., John L..
13g)1.ANNA BEAVER SWINEFORD-Born 15 November 1873 Died 15 October 1968. Was married on 21 December 1898 to Arthur Lewis Bennett-Born 15 February 1873 Died 6 October 1960. 4 children.
14g)1.HOMER LEROY BENNETT-Born 10 December 1899. Homer's first marriage was on 19 August 1926 to Evelyn Saxton-Born 28 June 1901. 1 daughter.
15g)1.JANET BENNETT-Married _________ Mott. 3 children.
16g)1.RAYMOND MOTT-Born 19 February 1956.
16g)2.SU ANN MOTT-Born 21 March 1958.
16g)3.STEPHEN MOTT-Born 1 March 1960.
Homer Leroy's second marriage was to Pauline ____. No children.
14g)2.HAZEL CAROLINE BENNETT-Born 15 June 1901. First marriage was to Charles Loudenslager, no children. Hazel's second marriage was to Homer S. Henry, on 28 February 1931. No children.
14g)3.MARY KATHRYN BENNETT-Born 2 March 1903 Died 14 April 1982. Married to Harry R. Bitterman-Born 28 July 1892 in Lykens, Pa., Died 29 January 1977. Harry was the son of Howard and Ida Bitterman. He was an accountant and insurance agent. Harry had previously been married to Margaret Jacobs who is also a descendant of Samuel and Rachael Hassenplug through John H. Hassenplug. Mary is buried in Twin Hills Memorial Park, Muncy, Pa.. Harry is buried with his first wife in Harmony Cemetery, Milton, Pa..
14g)4.HELEN MADELINE BENNETT-Born 14 April 1907 Died 26 March 1912.
13g)2.MARY ARTISMIS SWINEFORD-Born 4 September 1875 Died 7 September 1952. Married to John D. Steimling who died 1932-3. 2 children.
14g)1.FRANCIS DALE STEIMLING-Born 27 November 1918 Died 8 December 1988. 2 children.


13g)3.KATHERINE LOUISE SWINEFORD-Born 18 July 1877 Died 8 May 1974. Married in 1900 to Charles David Moyer-Born 17 April 1869 Died 30 December 1916. Both buried in Mifflinburg Cemetery.
14g)1.MILDRED IRENE MOYER-Born 17 May 1902 Died 27 April 1964. Married to Glenn Royer-Born 1900 Died 1946. No children.
14g)2.PAULINE HANNAH MOYER-Born 31 August 1903. Married to Charles Raymond Rotering-Born 14 January 1897 Died 14 October 1951.
15g)1.WILLIAM CIYRIL ROTERING-Born 6 April 1923. Married to Helen R. Raker.
16g)1. 1 son-Born 28 July 1942.

William Rotering and Helen were divorced 1 August 1944.
William Rotering remarried to Frieda Koons. 2 children.

16g)1.KAREN ANN ROTERING-Born 4 July 1947. Married Thomas Cramly. 2 children.
17g)1.CHRISTOPHER CRAMLY-Born March 1967.
17g)2.LISA CRAMLY-Born 15 May 1969.
16g)2.KATHY ANN ROTERING-Born 19 January 1953. Married to Leroy Sampsell. 1 daughter.
William Rotering married for a 3rd time to Gillian Watt.
16g)1.JACQUELINE CLARE ROTERING-Born 14 June 1956. Married on 22 May 1977 to John W. Brean Jr.
16g)2.DEBORAH JEANE ROTERING-Born 4 January 1958. Married on 28 August 1977 to James A. Overson.
William Rotering married for a 4th time on 16 February 1968, to Jacquelene Stark-Born 28 May 1928.
16g)1.CHRISTINE DIANE ROTERING-Born 5 June 1969.
13g)7.JOHN L. SWINEFORD- Lived in East Stroudsburg, Pa.
12g)3.CHARLES W. SWINEFORD-Born 1853. Married to Ella M. ___________-Born 1851. 2 children.

13g)1.EARNEST C. SWINEFORD-Born 1877. Earnest was a Doctor in Philadelphia, Pa.


11g)2.EMANUEL HASSENPLUG-Born 1824. He was the son of Samuel and Rachael. Married to Hannah _________ and had 6 children. In the 1850 census of Mifflinburg we find Anna Maria living with Emanuel and family. In the 1860 census he is a day laborer. Emanuel moved west just after 1860 and nothing more is known about him or the rest of his family except their 5th child, William.

12g)1.RACHEL R. HASSENPLUG-Born c.1849.
12g)2.SARAH E. HASSENPLUG-Born c.1851.
12g)3.SAMUEL D. HASSENPLUG-Born c.1852.
12g)4.ELMIRA I. HASSENPLUG-Born c.1854.
12g)5.WILLIAM H. (Billy) HASSENPLUG-Born 3 March 1857 in Mifflinburg, Pa. Died 8 January 1915 in Galena, Kansas. Married Josephine LaRue-Born November 1859 Died 1925 in Galena, Ks.. Josephine was refered to as "a pretty little French girl" by William. They are both buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Galena, Ks. According to Imogene Keyes (William's grand-daughter) William went west with his parents following one of the groups of Mormans. They went as far west as Valpariso, Nebraska and purchased a farm there. The family did not like the area and traded the farm there for a farm in Arkansas. When they arrived there they didn't like it either and, having seen the Galena area, went and settled there. The area was bustling with zinc mining at that time. After Billy's death, his wife and oldest daughter changed the name to Hasenplaugh. Billy and Josephine had 5 children.
13g)1.MYRA HASENPLAUGH-Born February 1885 in Valpariso, Neb., Died 1967 in Galena, Ks. Married to George Epperson-Born 1883 Died 1927. Both buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Galena. They had 5 children.
14g)1.EDITH EPPERSON-Born 1907 Died 1973 in Galena, Ks.. Married to Elmer Long.
14g)2.ORVILLE EPPERSON-Born 1909 Died 1977 in Galena, Ks. Married to Louise Turner.
14g)3.GERALDINE E. EPPERSON-Born 1911 Died 1990 in Joplin, Missouri. Married _________ Bachman.
14g)4.CORA LEE EPPERSON-Born 1914 Died 1936 in Galena, Kansas. Married to _________ Merril.
14g)5.REYNOLDS EPPERSON-Born 1916. Married Geneva _________.
13g)2.BRUCE HASENPLAUGH-b:Feb 1887 in Valpariso, Neb. Died 1956 in Galena, Ks.. Married to Nina Apple-Born 1894.
14g)1.MARY JO HASENPLAUGH-Born 6 August 1917. Married Roy Malcolm.
14g)2.RUTH ESTHER HASENPLAUGH-Born 1923. Married to D. Mason.
13g)3.CORA HASENPLAUGH-Born June 1889 in Valpariso, Neb. Died 1957 in Galena, Ks.. Married Fred Ferguson-Born 1888 Died 1942. Fred was a smelter worker and Cora was a housewife. They are both buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Galena. 1 son.
14g)1.PAUL W. FERGUSON-Born 26 November 1916 Died 2 March 1975 in Galena, Ks.. Married Wilma Gibbs.
13g)4.DAVID WILLIAM HASENPLAUGH-Born 26 March 1892 in Valpariso, Neb. Died October 1936 in Oronogo, Missouri. Married on 16 October 1915 in Carthage, Missouri to Agnes Frances Allred-Born 8 June 1896 in Bonanza (now part of Galena), Ks., Died 8 February 1972 in Oronogo, Missouri. She was the daughter of John Hix and Matilda Jane (Hawley) Allred. David was a miner and sheriff of Cherokee County, Ks. and Agnes was a housewife. They are both buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Galena, Ks.. They raised 5 children.
14g)1.ORLENE AGNES HASENPLAUGH-Born 6 August 1916 in Bonanza, Ks. Died 8 August 1969. Married to Emery Sly-Born 2 April 1911 in Evansville, Ind. Died July 1972. His mother's name was Rosa. Emery worked for Douglas Aircraft and Dupont. They are both buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Galena, Ks. They had 2 children.
15g)1.DAVID EMERY SLY-Born 22 September 1941 in Fullerton, Orange County, Calif. Died in Republican City, Neb. Married Kay Goodwin-Born 29 July 1944. 2 children.
16g)1.TAMMY CHRISTINE SLY-Born 27 March 1966. Married to Benjamin Purdew. 2 daughters.
17g)1.TASHA LA DAWN PURDEW-Born 17 July 1984.
16g)2.DAVID EMERY SLY JR.-Born 15 January 1979.
15g)2.GEORGE LEWIS SLY-Born 16 January 1946 in Fullerton, Orange County, Calif. Died in Dramond, Missouri. Married Jackie McGloflin. They were divorced and had no children.
14g)2.IMOGENE RUTH HASENPLAUGH-Born 7 January 1918 in Galena, Ks.. Married on 29 May 1937 to N.H.Crocker in Riverside, Calif. Norman Died in 1945. They had 2 children.
15g)1.NORMAN N. CROCKER-Born 9 February 1939 in Fullerton, Calif.
15g)2.LORETTA JEAN CROCKER-Born 26 March 1942 in Fullerton, Calif.. Married to Joseph O. Roberts-Born 27 February 1937. They had 5 children.
16g)1.KIMBERLEY ROBERTS-Born 5 January 1960. Married to Dale Steier-Born 19 September 1955.
17g)1.CRYSTAL DAWN SHOYS STEIER-Born 28 August 1980.
16g)2.CONNIE ANN ROBERTS-Born 20 February 1962. Married David Boyes.
17g)1.MICHAEL BOYES-Born September 1982.
17g)2.ANDREW BOYES-Born July 1984
16g)3.ROBERT GARY ROBERTS-Born 25 June 1964. He married and has 1 son.
16g)4.DIANNE ROBERTS-Born 7 March 1967. Dianne married and had 1 son.
16g)5.DONNA NICOLE ROBERTS-Born 29 August 1973.Imogene Hasenplaugh Crocker married a 2nd time on 12 July 1947 to Rex M. Keys-Born 12 July 1920 in Oronogo, Missouri. Rex was the son of John Jackson and Minta Jane (Kendall) Keys. Rex was the President and owner of a sign company. Imogene worked for the Motorola Company and was a real estate agent.
14g)3.GAYLE WILLIAM HASENPLAUGH-Born 9 November 1920 in Douthat, Oklahoma. Married 31 January 1946 to Dorothy Burger-Born 22 September 1922 in Columbus, Ks. She is the daughter of Clarence and Lela (Rhodes) Burger. 2 sons.
15g)1.WILLIAM ARTHUR HASENPLAUGH-Born 29 November 1947 in Fullerton, Calif.. Married Suzanne ________. They have divorced.
15g)2.JEFFREY DAVID HASENPLAUGH-Born 5 April 1953 in Nekoma, Washington. Died in a motorcycle accident on 9 September 1974. Buried in Brea, Calif.
14g)4.CARROLL MAYNARD HASENPLAUGH-Born 7 December 1923 in Douthat, Oklahoma. He married in June 1946 in West Monroe, La. to Novella Lassiter-Born 1922 in Monroe, La.. She is the daughter of James and ________ (Ray) Lassiter. They had 2 children.
15g)1.JIMMIE DAVID HASENPLAUGH-Born 23 December 1946 in Monroe, La.. No children.
15g)2.LINDA ELAINE HASENPLAUGH-Born 30 January 1950 in Monroe, La. No children.
14g)5.DAVID LA RUE HASENPLAUGH-Born 29 March 1930 in Galena, Ks.. Married on 9 May 1956 to Evelyn Thornsbury-Born 9 October 1935. She is the daughter of John and Lavonne (Riley) Thornsbury. David was a welder and a policeman. They had 3 children.
15g)1.RUTH ANN HASENPLAUGH-Born 26 February 1957 in Garden Grove, Calif. Died 4 July 1989.
15g)2.ROBERT HASENPLAUGH-Born 24 June 1960 in Garden Grove, Calif. Married Kathy ____ 2 children.
16g)1.AMY HASENPLAUGH-Born 29 July 1985
16g)2.WHITNEY ALYSE HASENPLAUGH-Born November 1990.
15g)3.STEVEN DAVID HASENPLAUGH-Born 19 June 1964 in Joplin, Missouri. Married Terry _No children
David La Rue Hasenplaugh was divorced from Evelyn and remarried to Rosanne. Born 7 May 1944. They had 1 son.
15g)1.FRANKLIN DAVID HASENPLAUGH-Born 13 February 1973 in Galena, Ks.
13g)5.FERN HASENPLAUGH-b:Aug1898 in Peoria,Oklahoma,Died 1922 in Galena, Ks. Married Goodwin. No children.
12g)6.CHARLES HASSENPLUG-Born c.1860. Was 4 months old in the 1860 census of Mifflinburg, Pa..

11g)3.ELMIRA HASSENPLUG-Born 17 February 1828 Died 26 January 1907. Married 30 November 1859 by Rev. Anspach to Frederick Fries-Born 7 September 1826 Died 11 July 1885. Both buried in the New Berlin Cemetery. They had 4 children.

12g)1.SUSAN MATILDA FRIES-Born 1861 Died 1964. Buried in the New Berlin Cemetery.
12g)2.RACHEL A. FRIES-Born 3 March 1863 Died 31 May 1885. Married by Rev. Sidney Kohler on 6 October 1881 to William H. Smith-Born 2 December 1859 Died 12 May 1935. Both are buried in the New Berlin Cemetery. 1 daughter.
13g)1.FLORENCE E. SMITH-Born 12 June 1883 Died 3 September 1884. Buried in New Berlin Cemetery.

11g)4.JULIA A. HASSENPLUG-Born 24 April 1830 Died 7 January 1906. 4th child of Samuel and Rachael Hassenpflug. Married to David Moyer-b:20 July 1829 d:31 Oct 1898. Lived in Vicksburg, Pa. Both buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery. No children.

11g)5.SARAH HASSENPLUG-Born 16 January 1833 Died 2 January 1903. Married to Alexander Frederick-Born 3 May 1830 Died 1 July 1890. They had 6 children, namely: Harry T., William G., Julia E., David, Franklin Shannon, John Wesley.

12g)1.HARRY T. FREDERICK-Born 10 December 1852 Died 7 December 1873.
12g)2.WILLIAM G. FREDERICK-Born 17 July 1853 Died 17 August 1865.
12g)3.JULIA E. FREDERICK-Born 7 September 1855 Died 4 December 1872.
12g)4.DAVID FREDERICK-Born February 1859 Died December 1899. Married Lucie Thrush. No children.
12g)5.FRANKLIN SHANNON FREDERICK-Born 25 July 1860 Died 26 May 1923. Married 18 July 1885 to Gertrude Margaret Yoder-Born 17 Sep 1862 Died 5 Feb 1935. She was the daughter of Jacob Yoder, of New Berlin, Pa.. They had 4 sons.
13g)1.CLOYD ALEXANDER FREDERICK-Born 20 February 1887. Married 20 February 1923 to Florence May Santee-Born 28 June 1895. Lived in Mifflinburg, Pa. and had 3 children.
14g)1.FRANKLIN SANTEE FREDERICK-Born 24 January 1924. Married 24 April 1954 to Charlotte Jean Young-Born 14 October 1927. She is the daughter of Paul W. and Ceicil (Boyer) Young. Live in Allentown and have 4 sons.
15g)1.STEVEN FRANKLIN FREDERICK-Born 26 January 1955.
15g)2.THOMAS ALAN FREDERICK-Born 4 January 1957.
15g)3.JEFFREY WILLIAM FREDERICK-Born 22 October 1959.
15g)4.ROBERT DANIEL FREDERICK-Born 29 November 1960.

14g)2.WILLIAM ALEXANDER FREDERICK-Born 25 November 1925. Married 5 September 1953 to Lois Keener-Born 29 July 1929. Lives in Allentown, Pa.. They have 5 daughters.

15g)1.KATHRYN ANN FREDERICK-Born 6 January 1955.
15g)2.REBECCA LYNN FREDERICK-Born 11 May 1956.
15g)3.ELIZABETH JANE FREDERICK-Born 29 August 1958.
15g)4.NANCY MAY FREDERICK-Born 24 October 1961.
15g)5.JANET RUTH FREDERICK-Born 9 September 1964.

14g)3.ANNA BARBARA FREDERICK-Born 29 January 1930. Married 18 August 1956 to James W. Pentecost-Born 16 August 1928. Lives at Doylestown., 2 children.

15g)1.JOHN FREDERICK PENTECOST-Born 19 December 1961.
15g)2.CAROL ANN PENTECOST-Born 28 April 1964.

13g)2.DAVID W. FREDERICK-Born 8 April 1889 Died 7 May 1948. Married to Nellie Savilla Feese-Born 1890 Died 1951. Lived Mifflinburg, Pa.. Buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery. 1 son.

14g)1.ROY FREDERICK-Born 29 April 19__. Married to Dorothy _________. Lives in N.Y.State.
15g)1.DAVID FREDERICK-Born 11 February 19__.

13g)3.RUTH MARGARET FREDERICK-Married to William S. Chambers. Lives in California. 3 children.

14g)1.GERTRUDE JANE CHAMBERS-Born 20 August 1919. Married 6 December 1945 to Max Edward Davis-Born 23 January 1919. 3 children.
15g)2.SCOTT CHAMBERS DAVIS-Born 5 April 1949.
15g)3.MARILYN JANE DAVIS-Born 3 November 1950.

14g)2.JAMES FREDERICK CHAMBERS-Born 6 October 1921. Married on 29 December 1951 to Shirley Potter-Born 12 June 1925. 4 children.

15g)1.JAMES WILLIAM CHAMBERS-Born 19 September 1952.
15g)2.NINA RUTH CHAMBERS-Born 27 March 1955.
15g)3.CAROLINE NADEENE CHAMBERS-Born 10 August 1958 at 11:55 p.m..
15g)4.CALVIN RONALD CHAMBERS-Born 11 August 1958 at 12:05 a.m.. Caroline and Calvin are twins.

14g)3.WILLIAM MACCLAY CHAMBERS-Born 11 August 1923. Was baptized William Simonton Chambers. No chidn.

13g)4.ROY FREDERICK-Born 27 January 1897 Died 19 March 1914. Buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery.

12g)6.JOHN WESLEY COBURN FREDERICK-Born 4 July 1869 Died 2 January 1929. Last child of Alexander and Sarah Hassenplug Frederick, single. Buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery.

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