Hasenpflug, Hasenplug (Hassenplug), Shafer (Shaffer), Buehler Descendants


Johann Heinrich II Hasenpflug

Notes: Johann Heinrich Hassenpflug was born in Holzburg, regionaloffice at Neukirchen, county of Ziegenhain, in the lower Hessian area ofGermany. His birth and baptism are still on record in the BAPTISMAL BOOKOF THE EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH in Holzburg. The birth took place at10 a.m. on February 1756.
Johann was a private (Germeiner) in Lieutenant-General Wilhelm vonKnyphausen's Regiment, one of the three regiments comprising Rall'sBrigade. He was "hired out" by Frederich II, Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel tofight with the British against the American Colonists. According to"Hetrina HHessian Troops in America) 1776-1783 Volume III", Marburg 1976,he is shown as being on leave during April of 1775 and a prisioner of warfrom December 1776 until may 1783. It is assumed that Johann most likelywas captured at the Battle of Trenton on Christmas eve 1776.
Johann is mentioned on pages 4 & 5 in the "HISTORY OF MIFFLINBURG(1792-1927)", by Charles Steese. He was also mentioned in theCOMMEMORATIVE RECORD several times. On page 274, he is listed under JesseD. Rearick, on page 836 under Charles Seebold, and on page 1024 underGeorge E. Seebold.
Johann (or John Henry as his name became "Americanized" to) kept afamily Bible. This Bible is still in the Hassenplug family presentlykept by William Hassenplug of Montoursville, Pa.. William is Johann's 3rdGreat-Grandson. Twice mentioned in it was;

This Bible belongs to me, Johann Heinrich Hassenpflug, and I have boughtit from Philip Schaffner in Lebanon in the year of Christ 1793.
Then comes:

I, Johann Heinrick Hassenpflug, was born in the year 1756, approximatelyin the middle of February, Baptismal witnesses were mother's father andmother, namely Johann Heinrich Riem and his wife. I was born at Holzburg,(regional) office (at) Neukirchen, in the county of Ziegenhain in thelower (i.e. northern) Hessian area, and my earthly parents were JohannHeinrich Hassenpflug and Maria Elisabeth, his wife, nee Rimin. And myhonorable wife Maria, nee Seboldin, was born in the city of Lebanon,Dauphin County (Pa.), the 19th of July, 1769. (Her) Baptismal witnesseswere Michael Ritter and his honorable wife.

We, both marriage partners, entered into the bonds of matrimony in theyear 1790, the 6th of April, and to both marriage partners was a son borninto the world in the year 1790, the 18th of December, and was broughtfor Holy Baptism (on) the 13th of March, 1791, and to him the nameJohannes has been ascribed.

To us, both marriage partners, a little daughter ..........etc.

Grand total: 9 sons, 5 daughters

Name BirthBaptism Death
1. Johannes 18 December 1790 13 March1791
2. Elisabeth 30 November 1791 8December 1791 12 December 1791
3. Johann Heinrich 10 December 1792 25 January1793
4. Samuel 26 August 1794 4January 1795
5. Johann Wilhelm 13 December 1795 25 December1795
6. Jacob 16 August 1797 4February 1798
7. Margretha 28 January 1799 16March 1799
8. David 17 September 1800 23November 1800
9. Johann George 25 May 1802 12June 1802 19 November 1815
10. Johann Philip 9 December 1803 24February 1804
11. Maria 17 December 1804 16February 1805
12. Catarina 4 January 180715 March 1807
13. Elisabetha 14 March 1809 30April 1809
14. Daniel 21 March 181226 April 1812
! Note: all parentheses have been added and spellings have been put intocorrect form.
Johann's tombstone is in German and the translation is as follows

Here rests
Johann Heinrich Hassenpflug
born in the year 1756 in Holz-
burg the 20th of February. Married
with Maria, a born
Seebold, in Lebanon County
in the year 1790, the 6th of April,
Lived in matrimony 37y, 6m, 30d
and produced 14 children, 9 sons
and 5 daughters. Died in the y. 1829,
the 30th of November in West Buffa-
lo Township, Union County.
Brought his entire life to
71y, 9m, 10d.

Last text: Romans ch 14, verses 7 and 8.
Translation by Walter Hassenpflug

Anna Maria Seebold

Notes:Anna Maria's Tombstone in the Mifflinburg Cemetery reads:

In memory of Maria, wife of Johann H.
Hassenpflug, born July 19, 1769, died
August 11, 1852, age 83 years, 23 days.

Notes: Anna is mentioned in the COMMEMORATIVE BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD asRebecca under Jesse D. Rearick on page 274. She is also mentioned underCharles Seebold on page 836 and George E. Seebold on pages 1024-1025.

Anna Maria was a twin to her sister Catherine Elizabeth.

George Hasenpflug

Johann George Hasenpflug became George Hassenplug when his father changedto John Henry Hassenplug

Philip Hasenpflug

Johann Philip Hasenpflug become Philip Hassenplug when his father changedto John Henry Hassenplug

Susannah Hassenplug

1 REMA Rev. C.G. Erlenmeyer

Susannah Hassenplug & Henry Swineford married 24 sep 1846is in Rev.Erlenmeyer's Marriages on Pg. 214. Rev. C.G. Erlenmeyer's MarriageRecords, 1840-1875 in Snyder Co. Marriages 1835-1899 by Geo. W.Wagenseller, 1899 G929.3 w1235 P.S. Lib.

Samuel Hasenpflug

Samuel Served in the War of 1812 in Pvt. Henry Miller's Company.