10g)5.JOHAN WILHELM (William) HASENPFLUG-Born 13 December 1795 in Lebanon, Dauphin Co., Pa. Baptized 25 December 1795 Died 11 February 1876 in Mifflinburg, Pa.. William married on 20 May 1818 to Susannah Holtzman-Born 17 September 1798 Died 19 November 1891 in Mifflinburg, Pa.. They are both buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery. William was a farmer. They had 10 children and they are: William H., Thomas H., Jesse, Jacob H., Charles H., George H., Catherine E. (Kate), Elizabeth, Susannah, and John H..
11g)1.WILLIAM H. HASSENPLUG-Born 7 October 1820 Died in Bridgewater, Pa. on 29 September 1909, Buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery with his mother and father. William is mentioned in the "HISTORY OF DANVILLE". It says William lived in Danville for more than 30 years and was a clerk and later owned a store there. His business was located in Sechler's building on Mill St. and did a large business especially in dry goods, and boots and shoes. William married Anna D. _________-Born c. 1820 Died 2 February 1867 in Danville, Pa.. They had 4 children.
12g)1.ADDA HASSENPLUG-Born c. 1848. Nothing further known.
12g)2.WILLIAM JOHN HASSENPLUG-Born c.1860 (was 4 months old i the 1850 census of Danville, Pa. Died c.1936 in a train wreck in South Carolina but was residing in Pa. at the time. Married to Ella Alcorn Stead. She Died c.1924 in Decatur Georgia and is buried in the East Lake Cemetery there. They had 2 children.
13g)1.RALPH R. HASSENPLUG-Born in Philadelphia, Pa.. Ralph had died before his daughter's marriage on 26 September 1953 Married to Mary Parrish-Born in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Ralph was a pharmacutical chemist. They lived in the Wilkes-Barre area and had 2 daughters.
14g)1.ELLA MAE HASSENPLUG-Married___ Miller and lived in Baltimore, Md. as of 1950. Nothing further known.
14g)2.MARY LEE HASSENPLUG-Born 1928 in Pittsburgh, Pa.. Married in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. on 26 September 1953 by Rev. F.A. Costello, to Francis Bernard Smith-Born 1928 in Wilkes-Barre. He was the son of Charles M. and Mary J. (O'Connell) Smith. Francis is listed as an Engineer on his marriage license. Nothing further known.
13g)2.WILLIAM MORRIS HASSENPLUG-Born 15 March 1882 in Danville, Pa. Died 17 December 1958 in Charlotte, N.C.. Married 14 September 1903 to Isabelle Ann Boddie-Born 18 January 1886 at Grand Turke Isle, British West Indies Died 11 September 1958 in Charlotte, N.C.. Both buried in Sharon Memorial Park in Charlotte. Isabelle is the daughter of Charles and Frances (Darrell) Boddie. They had 8 children.
14g)1.EVALINE ELLA HASSENPLUG-Born 30 July 1906 in Philadelphia, Pa.. Married Sydney Wing. Had 1 daughter.
15g)1.EVALINE JANE WING-Born 26 September 1925.
Evaline married a second time to Sidney Go_ville DeOvies. He was a Captain in the U.S.Marines.
14g)2.MILDRED ELIZABETH HASSENPLUG-Born 17 January 1909 in Hamilton, Bermuda Died 19 May 1909 in Hamilton, Bermuda. She had violet blue eyes and could not digest milk.
14g)3.WILLIAM RALPH (Billy) HASSENPLUG-Born 28 February 1910 in Hamilton, Bermuda Died c.1966 in Charlotte, N.C.. Married in Charlotte in 1939 to Elizabeth Bradford. No children.
14g)4.ISABELLE JENNETTE HASSENPLUG-Born 23 July 1918 in Easton, Pa. Died 4 January 1961 in Atlanta, Ga. Buried in Westmoreland Cemetery. Isabelle was married 2 times. Her 1st husband was Hammit Clayton Manor. This marriage produced 1 son.
Isabelle's 2nd marriage took place about 1945 and her husband was Leonard Wilson Allen-Born 10 Feb 1917. Together they had 1 daughter.
15g)1.ISABEL (Isy) CLARA ALLEN-Born 25 Jan 1957 in Atlanta, Ga..Isy married on 25 Feb 1957 to Ronald Wayne Turner. He is in the U.S.Coast Guard. They live in Vashon, Wash. but have lived in Oregon and Alaska.
14g)5.CHARLES BODDIE HASSENPLUG-Born 9 Fenruary 1920 in Dorcenston, Pa.. He married 20 November 1942 in Pinesville, Ga. to Colleen Moore-Born 19 Nov 1922 in Toledo, Ohio. They had 7 children.
14g)6.CHARLOTTE JEAN HASSENPLUG-Born 26 February 1928 in Decatur, Ga. Died 29 March 1959 in Charlotte, N.C. Buried in Sharon Memorial Park in Charlotte. Married Warren S. Lathe and had 4 children including 1 set of twins.
15g1 WARREN SHOREY LATHE Born 3-11-1947

15g2 WILLIAM  MORRIS LATHE - Born 3-02-1950.

15g3 DEBORAH JEAN LATHE - Born 8-02-1952

15g4 YVONNE CELESTE LATHE - Born 8-02-1952.

14g)7.PATRICIA (Patt) ANN HASSENPLUG-Born 30 May 1931 in Decatur, Ga.. Married 21 April 1950 in Charlotte, in Pritchard Memorial Church, to Jerald Femister Owens. They had 4 children. Nothing further known.
14g)8.NEL B. HASSENPLUG-Married George Sweeney. Nothing further known.
13g)3.CHARLES HASSENPLUG-Married Catherine Gauger and had 1 son.
14g)1.CHARLES GAUGER HASSENPLUG-Died 29 November 1946. Nothing further known.
13g)4.KATE HASSENPLUG-Married Dr. Dugan. Nothing further known.
11g)2.THOMAS H. HASSENPLUG-Born 1 January 1823 in Mifflinburg, Pa. Died 11 July 1906. Married in 1849 to Harriet Seebold-Born 1827 Died 1915. Both buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery. Harriet was the daughter of Philip and Rachel (DeHaas) Seebold. Thomas lived in a brick house on North Fourth Street in Mifflinburg next to Buffalo creek and the Hassenplug covered bridge. In the 1850 and 1860 census of Mifflinburg Thomas is listed as being a shoemaker. There was also reportedly a brewery in the area of Thomas's residence but it is not known if he operated it. They had 6 children.
12g)1.CHARLES SEEBOLD HASSENPLUG-Born 15 August 1850 Died 25 May 1914. Lived in Pittsburgh, Pa.
12g)2.ELLA H. HASSENPLUG-Born 1856 Died 1936. Buried with her parents in the Mifflinburg Cemetery. Never married.
12g)3.EMMA H. HASSENPLUG-Born 1858 Died 1936. Buried with her parents in the Mifflinburg Cemetery. Never married.
12g)4.ALBERT W.H. HASSENPLUG-Born 1861 in Mifflinburg, Died 1930. Albert married Mary Fordham and lived in the same house he was born in, next to the Hassenplug covered bridge. They had 3 sons.
13g)3.MARTIN FORDHAM HASSENPLUG-Born c.1911 in Philadelphia, Pa.. Married 30 January 1947 in Lewisburg to Ruth E. Curry-Born c.1907 in Reading, Pa.. She is the daughter of Thomas and Mary (Hall) Curry. Martin's occupation is listed on his marriage license as material checker. Nothing further known.
12g)5.FLORENCE HASSENPLUG-Born 1862 Died 1866. Buried with her parents in the Mifflinburg Cemetery.
12g)6.WILLIAM F. HASSENPLUG-Born 1866. He was a Doctor in Cripple Creek, Colorado. Died after March 1940.
11g)3.JESSE HASSENPLUG-Born 16 May 1825 in Mifflinburg, Pa. Died 10 December 1906 in Laurelton, Pa. Buried in Lincoln Chapel Cemetery, Laurelton. Jesse is mentioned in "JUNIATA AND SUSQUEHANNA VALLEYS IN PENNSYLVANIA" in an article about his brother George. It says that Jesse and George and a Mr. Boop started out in 1850 for California, in search of gold. They went by boat to Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Fort Independence. They procured teams and with much company crossed the Great Plains and arrived in California without incident. Upon arrival, George and Jesse entered the mines, and were moderately successful. After a few months they decided that Pennsylvania was about as good a place to live as the mines of California, and returned home by way of the Isthmus, arriving home about 1 year after leaving, with no more money than they took with them. Jesse was married two times. His first marrieage was on 2 February (or January) 1845 to Sarah Boyer-Born 1827. She was from Freeburg. She is buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery with 3 of their 6 children.
12g)1.GEORG F. HASSENPLUG- Buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery with his mother. His stone is almost illegible.
12g)2.MARY C. HASSENPLUG- Buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery with her mother. Her stone is almost illegible.
12g)3.JOHN T. HASSENPLUG-Born 23 July 1844 in Mifflinburg, Pa. Died 25 May 1921 Buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery with his mother. John was in the Civil War, 51st Regiment Company E., mustered in 22 February 1864 and mustered out 27 July 1865. Captain George Hassenplug, (his uncle), was his commanding officer. John married Annie M. __________-Born 14 May 1849 Died 2 August 1894. She is buried with her husband. John and wife are listed in the 1880 census as living on Jonestown Road, Harrisburg, Pa. They had 3 known children.
13g)1.JOHN W. HASSENPLUG-Born c.1874.
13g)2.LOTTIE A. HASSENPLUG-Born c.1877.
13g)3.WALTER J. HASSENPLUG-Born c.1879.
12g)4.ANNETTA S. HASSENPLUG-Born 1847. Married Peter Duck. Nothing further known.
12g)5.LAURA HASSENPLUG-Born 1852. Married by Rev. B.F. Stevens on 12 June 1879 to William M. Stetler. Both Laura and William were of Mifflinburg at the time of their wedding. They had 1 known daughter.
13g)1.EVA MARY STETLER-Born 28 July 1895 D.30 Nov. 1897. Buried with John T. & his wife in the Mifflinburg Cem.
12g)6.JAMES HASSENPLUG-Born 1854. Nothing further known.
Jesse was remarried to Catharine King-Born 15 August 1840 Died 15 April 1917 in Laurelton, Pa.. She is the daughter of Betsy King and her father's name could be George King. They are both buried in the Lincoln Chapel Cemetery, Laurelton. In the 1860 and 1870 census Jesse is listed as a shoemaker but in the 1880 and 1900 census he is listed as a farmer. They had 6 children.
12g)1.ARBER CLIFF HASSENPLUG-Born 4 August 1860 Died 12 January 1925 in Spring Mills, Pa. Buried in Holy Cross Lutheran Cemetery, Spring Mills. Arber was married, in Spring Mills, on 28 May 1891, by Rev. C.V.B. Aurand, to Emma Auman-Born 1865 in Coburn, Pa.. She is the daughter of Jacob Auman. They had 4 children.
13g)1.WILLARD HASSENPLUG-Born 1895 in Spring Mills Died 1960. Married Stella Rae Lingle-Born 1912 Died 1987. Both buried in Holy Cross Lutheran Church Cemetery, Spring Mills, Pa..They had 7 children.
14g)1.DEAN HASSENPLUG-Died c.1967
14g)4.PEARL HASSENPLUG-Married James Jones and was later divorced.
14g)5.MERRILL HASSENPLUG-He is deceased and his name at birth was Merle but he had it changed.
14g)7ARDEL RICHARD HASSENPLUG-Born 20 September 1946 in Spring Mills. Married 9 February 1974, to Linda Sue Ehrhart-Born 21 September 1951. She is the daughter of Marlin and Elizabeth Louise (Louis) Ehrhart. They live in the Harrisburg area and have 1 son.
15g)1.SEAN HASSENPLUG-Born 3 July 1982.
13g)2.MABEL HASSENPLUG-Never married.
12g)2.ELMER ELLSWORTH HASSENPLUG-Born 3 June 1867 Died 7 December 1935 Buried in Lincoln Chapel, Laurelton, Pa.. Elmer was married 2 times. His 1st marriage was on 19 September 1886 by Rev. Charles Royer. His wife was Elizabeth E. Zimmerman. He was divorced 26 December 1891. They had 1 son.
Elmer's 2nd marriage was on 24 June 1906 and his bride was Ida Mae Krebs-Born 17 October 1879 in Lamar, Clinton County, Pa. Died 1955 Buried in Lincoln Chapel Cemetery with her husband. She is the daughter of Benjamin and Margaret Krebs. Ida had 1 daughter prior to marrying Elmer. Her name is Verna Kreps-Born 3 October 1898. Verna married Charles Glover and had 3 children. Elmer and Ida had 11 children between them and they were all born in Laurelton. They are: Robert E., Clyde Earnest, Lincoln L., Samuel R., Ruth Henrietta, Charles Benjamin, Elmer Homer, Woodrow J., Arthur R., Martha M. (Arthur and Martha are twins) and Kenneth Edward.
13g)1.ROBERT E.HASSENPLUG-Born 1905 Died 1916 Buried with his parents in the Lincoln Chapel Cemetery, Laurelton, Pa.. Robert died of blood poisoning.
13g)2.CLYDE EARNEST HASSENPLUG-Born 27 April 1906 Died 20 September 1990 in Kramm Healthcare, Milton, Pa.. Married February 1934 in Mifflinburg, Pa. to Isabelle Nora Border-Born 17 January 1912 Died 27 November 1972 Buried with her husband in the Hartleton Cemetery. She is the daughter of Jay Elmer and Rebecca Border. Isabelle had 1 daughter prior to her marriage with Clyde. Her name is Peggy Jean Saugher-Born 17 April 1930 and married Walter Shively. Remarried on 28 June 1985 to Donald Robert Hutchinson-Born 14 August 1925. She works at Pa. House Furniture at Brookpark Farms-Lewisburg and Donald is a chemical salesman. Clyde and Isabelle had 5 children between them.
14g)1.AIDA IRENE HASSENPLUG-Born 19 September 1936 in Laurelton. Married 6 November 1954 in New Berlin,Pa, to Glenn Dale Erdley-Born 14 December 1933. He owns and operates Glenn and Mike Erdley's Farm Supply, Lewisburg, Pa.. They had 5 children.
15g)1.MICHAEL ALLEN ERDLEY-Born 30 March 1955. Married 14 August 1982 to Faith Page-Born 10 November 1957 in Buffalo, N.Y.. She is the daughter of Marlin Wilder and Mildred Magdalene (Gross) Page. They have 2 children.
16g)1.SARAH TERRE ERDLEY-Born 10 August 1983 in Lewisburg, Pa.
16g)2.MICHAEL GLENN ERDLEY-Born 3 October 1985 in Lewisburg, Pa.
15g)2.RODNEY RAE ERDLEY-Born 26 April 1956 in Auburn, N.Y.. Married 18 June 1976 to Darla Murray. They were divorced in 1986 and had 2 children.
16g)1.JESICA LYN ERDLEY-Born 22 December 1976.
16g)2.GEROD RAY ERDLEY-Born 5 May 1982.
15g)3.SHAWN WAYNE ERDLEY-Born 30 October 1957 Died 19 December 1975.
15g)4.LISA JO ERDLEY-Born 26 December 1963 in Lewisburg,Pa.
15g)5.BECKY SUE ERDLEY-Born 13 February 1970 in Lewisburg. Married 30 Dec. 1988 to Robert Herring.
14g)2.BARBARA ANN HASSENPLUG-Born 5 March 1940 in Laurelton, Pa.. Married 10 May 1959 in Millmont to Dale Adam Hanselman-Born 19 September 1919 in Rebersburg, Pa.. He is the son of James W. and Kathryn S. (Minnick) Hanselman. They have 1 child.
15g)1.ORLANDO BRIAN HASSENPLUG-Born 25 October 1959 in Lewisburg, Pa.
14g)3.CLYDE JESSE HASSENPLUG-Born 3 August 1942 in Laurelton, Pa.. Married 15 December 1977, in Mifflinburg, to Bette Mae Dorman-Born 8 March 1940. She is the daughter of Clarence L. and Evelyn G. (Lepley) Hartley. She had been married and divorced 1 time before her marriage to Clyde. No children.
14g)4.NANCY JANE HASSENPLUG-Born 23 August 1944 in Hartleton, Pa Died 12 December 1990 in her home in Haines Twsp.,Aaronsburg R.D. Pa. Buried with her parents in the Hartleton Cemetery. Married to Larry Dean Zerby. Marriage ended in divorce and they had 1 child.
15g)1.KELLY ANN ZERBY- had 1 son and moved to the Lancaster/Lebanon area.
14g)5RICHARD ALLEN HASSENPLUG-Born 18 March 1947 in Hartleton, Pa.. Married 21 April 1973 in Laurelton, to Susan Kay Neal-Born 6 September 1948. She is the daughter of Cecil G. and Katherine D. (Dorr) Neal. Richard is a sawyer by trade and Susan is an office worker. They have 1 son.
15g)1.RICHARD GLENN HASSENPLUG-Born 7 May 1978 in Lewisburg, Pa.
13g)3.LINCOLN L. HASSENPLUG-Born 26 August 1907 Died 10 November 1961 in Lewisburg. Married to Dorothy E. Fryer-Born 6 January 1907 in Coburn, Pa. Died 24 August 1984. Both husband and wife are buried in the Lewisburg Cemetery. Dorothy is the daughter of William and Bessie Fryer. Lincoln began his own painting business which is still being operated by his sons. Dorothy worked in the housekeeping department of Bucknell University from 1946-1975. They had 3 children.
14g)1.SHIRLEY I HASSENPLUG-Born 13 May 1932 in Coburn,Centre Co., Pa.. She married on 21 June 1958 to Paul R. Noll-Born 19 December 1917 in Lewisburg. He is the son of George M. and Elsie M. (Reed) Noll. He has been divorced 2 times before. Paul worked as a Postal Clerk and Shirley worked as a sales clerk. They live in Ocala, Fla.. No children.
14g)2.ROBERT HASSENPLUG-Born 11 May 1933. Married 17 August 1958 to Maryann Wheland-Born 13 September 1940, the daughter of Palmer and Margaret Wheland. Robert is continuing the painting business that his father began. They live in Lewisburg and had 3 children.
15g)1.ANNETTE MARGARET HASSENPLUG-Born 4 February 1959 in Lewisburg. Married 15 September 1984 to Edward J. Drust. Annette attended the Susquehanna University Business School. They are living in Philadelphia, Pa. They have 1 son.
16g)1.ALEXANDER LINCOLN DRUST-Born 15 September 1990.
15g)2.LYN ELLEN HASSENPLUG-Born 7 October 1960 in Lewisburg, Pa.. Married 22 December 1990 to Richard L. Houtz.
15g)3.JULIA ANNE HASSENPLUG-Born 4 October 1964.
14g)3.LARUE HASSENPLUG-Born 5 October 1937. He works with his brother in continuing the painting business begun by his father. Larue has never married.

13g)4.SAMUEL RUSSELL HASSENPLUG-Born 15 March 1910 Died 15 December 1963 in Selinsgrove, Pa. Buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Selinsgrove. Sam worked at the Laurelton and Selinsgrove State Schools and was an avid fisherman. Married 23 June 1934 in Port Trevorton, Pa. to Thelma LaRue Heck-Born 23 August 1910 in Shamokin, Pa.. She is the daughter of Charles Dale and Gertrude Ethel (Dreher) Heck

14g)1.JOANN GERTRUDE HASSENPLUG-Born 21 December 1934 in Port
Trevorton, Pa.. Married by Rev. George B. Hummer, in Port Trevorton on 30 June 1957 to Lionel DeSilva Jr.-Born 1 March 1934 in New York City, Died May 1983 in Los Angeles, Ca. and is buried there. He is the son of Lionel and Ruth (Morris) DeSilva. They were seperated. Lionel and JoAnn had 3 children. 

15g)1.PAMLA ANN DESILVA-Born 19 October 1958 in Sunbury, Pa.. Married 29 October 1983 to Richard Schubert. Pam lives in Milton, Pa. They had 2 children and were divorced.

16g)1.CHRISTOPHER GEORGE SCHUBERT-Born 13 August 1985 Died 13 August 1985.

16g)2.SARAH ANN SCHUBERT-Born 8 November 1989.

15g)2.LIONEL DESILVA III-Born 21 March 1963 in Sunbury, Pa..Living in Arizona(1991).

15g)3.SAMUEL DAVID DESILVA-Born 13 August 1964 in California. Living in Arizona(1991).

14g)2.BETTY JANE (sis) HASSENPLUG-Born 5 May 1936 in Selinsgrove, Pa.. Married 22 August 1959 in Selinsgrove to Robert H. Graham-Born 21 August 1936. He is the son of Robert H. and Ruth (Larson) Graham. Robert is a Urologist and Betty is an Registered Nurse and has worked as a Real Estate Agent and Model. They live in Fair Oaks, Ca. and have 2 children.

15g)1.ELIZABETH SUSAN (lisa) GRAHAM-Born 8 October 1961 in Philadelphia, Pa.. Lisa lives in Fair Oaks, Ca.

15g)2.JEFFREY LARSON GRAHAM-Born 29 April 1964 in Reading, Pa.. Married 15 December 1989 to Elizabeth Irvine-of Wyoming Ohio. Jeff graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Degree in Engineering Technology. Elizabeth is a nurse and works in the Critical Care Unit of "Good Samaritan Hospital". Jeff and Elizabeth live in Cincinnati. They have 2 children.

16g)1.GALEN ELIZABETH GRAHAM-Born February 1991 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

16g)2.SUSAN MACGEEHAN GRAHAM-Born 7 March 1992 in Cincinnati, Ohio.0

16g)3. Larson Robert GRAHAM, Born 9 Apr 1994

16g)4. James (Bo) Irvinne GRAHAM , Born 20 May 1996

13g)5.RUTH HENRIETTA HASSENPLUG-Born 3 January 1912. Married 5 September 1929 to Harry Dauberman-Born 29 December 1905 Died 1963. Harry was the son of John Dauberman and Celia Morgan. They had 3 children.

14g)1.GERALDINE DAUBERMAN-Born 8 May 1929 Died September 1942.

14g)2.BETTY MARIE DAUBERMAN-Born 16 July 1934 Died 21 July 1934.

14g)3.VIOLA JANE DAUBERMAN-Born 16 December 1935. Married 17 September 1955 in Dreisbach Church, to Robert Wilson Dressler-Born 29 November 1934 at Isle of Que, Selinsgrove. He is the son of Irvine and Charity (Walburn) Dressler. Robert works at American Home Foods in Milton, Pa.. Viola and Robert live in the Lewisburg area and had 2 sons.

15g)1.ROBERT EDWARD DRESSLER-Born 5 September 1957 in Lewisburg Died 2 April 1976 in Geisinger Medical Center, Danville, Pa..

15g)2.ALLEN EUGENE DRESSLER-Born 28 October 1960 in Lewisburg, Pa.

Ruth Henrietta Hassenplug Dauberman remarried 10 April 1965 to Norman (Lassie) Lower-Born 9 January 1902 Died 24 September 1986 Buried in Lewisburg Cemetery. He was retired from the Lewisburg Cemetery Association as Superintendent where he worked for 43 years. He is the son of John and Ada (Romig) Lower.

13g)6.CHARLES BENJAMIN HASSENPLUG-Born 23 November 1913 in Laurelton, Pa. Died 4 September 1973 Buried in Lincoln Chapel Cemetery, Laurelton, Pa.. Married 6 January 1946 in Lewisburg to Mary L. Carlson-Born 14 November 1926 in Williamsport, Pa.. She is the daughter of Fred John and Ada Mae (Leblicker) Carlson. They raised 4 children.

14g)1.JANET ELAINE HASSENPLUG-Born 1 November 1943 in Lewisburg. Married 15 July 1962 to James Ralph Smith-Born 29 August 1939. He is the son of Ralph and Madelyn (Tannler) Wells. The couple lives in Selinsgrove and have 3 children.

15g)1.JEFFERY JAMES SMITH-Born 5 March 1963 in Lewisburg. Married 28 June 1986 to Deborah Hartman. They have 2 children.

16g)1.TYLER JEFFREY SMITH-Born 23 September 1988.

16g)2.BETHANY NICOLE SMITH-Born 7 June 1990.

15g)2.JANINE RENEE SMITH-Born 1 February 1964 in Lewisburg. Married 14 June 1986 to Douglass Keister. They live in Harrisburg and have 2 children.

16g)1.LAUREN ASHLEY KEISTER Born 13 June 1988.

16g)2.BRYAN DOUGLASS KEISTER-Born 23 September 1989

14g)2.GARY WAYNE HASSENPLUG-Born 18 November 1946 in Lewisburg. Married 10 January 1971 to Lizzie Emma Gower-Born 29 July 1948. She is the daughter of William E. and Ann M. (Nogle) Gower. The marriage ended in divorce and they had 1 daughter.

15g)1.JODI LYN HASSENPLUG-Married David William Englehart in 1989.

Gary remarried on 1 April 1977 to Patricia Anne Burrows-Born 5 December 1941. She is the daughter of James and Beatrice (Yocum) Criswell. Pat had been divorced 2 times prior to her marriage to Gary, and had 2 children. They live in Watsontown, Pa.

14g)3.DONALD FREDERICK HASSENPLUG-Born 30 May 1948. Married on 31 March 1973 in Mifflinburg, Pa., to Sue Ellen Sanders-Born 14 December 1953. She is the daughter of James C. and Delia M. (Meckley) Sanders. Don works for International Paper in Lewisburg and Sue works as a waitress. They have 2 children.

15g)1.SHAWN DAVID HASSENPLUG-Born 4 November 1977 in Lewisburg.

15g)2.DONALD FREDERICK HASSENPLUG JR.-Born 8 December 1981 in Lewisburg.

14g)4.DAVID SCOTT HASSENPLUG-Born 10 June 1958. Married 29 November 1978, in Lewisburg, to Vicki Lynn Connolly-Born 13 April 1958 in Brooklyn, N.Y.. She is the daughter of George A. and Florence (Hall) Connolly. Scott is an auto mechanic and Vicki runs her own Day-Care Center. They live in Lewisburg and have 3 Chldn.

15g)1.HEATHER ANN HASSENPLUG-Born 12 May 1979 in Lewisburg.

15g)2.BRANDON WAYNE HASSENPLUG-Born 23 January 1981 in Lewisburg.

15g)3.KYLE DAVID HASSENPLUG-Born 19 June 1984 in Lewisburg.

13g)7.ELMER HOMER HASSENPLUG-Born 3 October 1915 in Laurelton, Pa. Married 10 October 1942 to Dorothy Ellen Bailey-Born 4 June 1922 Died 21 April 1984. She is the daughter of Reno Edward and Maude Rozella (Rearick) Bailey. Dot worked as a seamstress at Quaker Industries, Inc. at Lewisburg for 40 years. Elmer worked at the Watsontown Foundry. The couple lived in Mazeppa (which is part of Lewisburg). They had 2 children.

14g)1.KAREN JEAN HASSENPLUG-Born 24 October 1943 in Lewisburg. Married 17 December 1960 to Robert Elwood Young. Marriage ended in divorce. They had 1 daughter.

15)1.TAMMY KAY YOUNG-Born 4 August 1961 in Lewisburg. Married 26 September 1983 to Saher Haider. Tammy moved to Syria where her husband is from. No children.

Karen Jean Hassenplug Young remarried to Albert (Ed) Edward Cox-Born April 1941. He is the son of Albert Edward Sr. and Ila Cox. Ed retired from the Bureau of Prisons and Karen owned and operated a video store in Lewisburg. They live near Northumberland, Pa.. Ed adopted Karen's daughter-Tammy. They have 1 son between them.

15g)1.TODD ALAN COX-Born February 1964. Married Laurie Parris but marriage ended in divorce with 1 child.


Todd remarried and had 2 children with his 2nd wife. Marriage ended in divorce also. Nothing more known.

14g)2.DENNIS EDWARD HASSENPLUG-Born 19 September 1946. Married on 23 July 1971 in Milton, Pa, to Debra Sue Burns-Born 7 November 1951. She is the daughter of Donald David and Beulah Mae (Tyer) Burns. Dennis and Deb owned the Video Connection in Riverside, Pa.. Dennis works for U.S. Supply in Williamsport and Deb is a receptionist for Dr. Jeffrey Lose. They have 1 daughter.

15g)1.DENA LYN HASSENPLUG-Born 19 September 1978. She is the adopted daughter of Dennis and Deb.

13g)8.WOODROW JAMES HASSEN-Born 16 October 1917. He had his name legally changed. Married in Dougless, Wyoming to Dorothy Hess. Marriage ended in divorce. No children.

Woorow married a second time to Mary ________.

Woodrow married for the third time on 19 August 1951, in Lordsburg, N.M., to Olga Suty-Born 1923 in Chicago, Ill.. She is the daughter of George and Mary Suty. They live in Tucson, Ariz. and have 1 daughter.

14g)1.CANDY RAE HASSEN-Born 7 August 1953 in Tucson. Married to Kenneth Lord.

13g)9 ARTHUR R. HASSENPLUG-Born 17 March 1920 (He is a twin to Martha) Died 19 August 1979 at Buffalo Lutheran Village, Lewisburg, Pa.. Married to Stella M. Achins-Born 12 October 1911 in Gregg Twsp., Union Co., Pa., Died 1 March 1992 in Williamsport. Both husband and wife are buried in the Twin Hills Memorial Cemetery, Muncy. She is the daughter of Bruce and Jennie (Staggert) Achins. Stella had been previously married and had 2 daughters previously. Arthur worked as a grinder at the Watsontown Foundry. They lived in the Montgomery area most of their married lives. Arthur and Stella had 2 children between them.

14g)1.CAROL C. HASSENPLUG-Born 3 January 1950 in Lycoming Co., Pa. Married 30 September 1975 in Williamsport, Pa. to Gerald B. Kietzman-Born 19 February 1945 in Gary, Ind.. He is the son of Leroy R. and Margella Selma (Gallien) Kietzman. The couple live in Chesterton, Ind. where Gerald is employed by USS Steel. Carol has worked in retail and office work but has become a housewife. She does volunteer work at the library and for several animal groups. No children.

14g)2.STEVE A. HASSENPLUG-Married but it ended in divorce.

13g)10 MARTHA MAY HASSENPLUG-Born 17 March 1920 (She is a twin to Arthur). Married 26 June 1943 by Rev. Joseph Shiesley of Hartleton, to Daniel Lawrence Dorman-Born 15 October 1899 Died 28 May 1968 Buried in the Hartleton Cemetery. Dan had been previously married to Effie Blanche Creamer but was divorced 11 January 1943. Martha retired from General Interiors and Dan worked for Philco. They lived in Millmont, Pa. and had 3 children.

14g)1.QUINTEN LAWRENCE DORMAN-Born 26 November 1942. Married on 17 March 1960 to Connie Lou Mabus-Born 21 May 1942. She is the daughter of Charles and Grace (Strickler) Mabus. Quinten works for A.C.F. in Milton and Connie works for Stitches Inc. in New Berlin. They live in Mifflinburg and had 6 children.

15g)1.LORRAINE DAWN DORMAN-Born 14 July 1960. Married on 14 September 1976 to Richard Herman-Born 1 July 1956. He is the son of Rudolph and Naomi (Warner) Herman. They divorced 5 January 1981 and had 1 daughter.

16g)1.JENNIFER NICOLE HERMAN-Born 1 February 1977.

Lorraine Dawn had 2 daughters.

16g)1.CONNIE SUE WILT-Born 21 January 1980.

16g)2.BETHANY MARIE WILT-Born 27 October 1981.

Lorraine remarried for a second time on 12 August 1982 to Leroy Baker Jr.-Born 20 June 1957. He is the son of Leroy Sr. and Beatrice (Nicholas) Baker. They live in Beaver Springs, Pa.. Leroy adopted Connie Sue and Bethany Marie. The Bakers had 1 daughter between them.

16g)1.JILLIAN RENE BAKER-Born 1 October 1983.

Lorraine's 2nd marriage ended in divorce and she remarried a third time to James Franklin Taylor of Millmont.

15g)2.JANE MARIE DORMAN-Born 20 February 1962.

15g)3.SUSAN KAY DORMAN-Born 29 July 1963. Married on 1 July 1980 to Stephen Donald Lamoureaux-Born 8 January 1959. He is the son of Wilfred and Bertha (Stetter) Lamoureaux. They have 2 children.

16g)1.STEPHEN DONALD LAMOUREAUX JR.-Born 9 November 1981.


15g)4.QUINTEN LAWRENCE DORMAN JR.-Born 16 September 1965. Married 1 July 1989 to Tammy Boob. They have 1 daughter.

16g)1.HALEY DANIELLE DORMAN-Born 15 January 1990.

15g)5.MICHAEL LAWRENCE DORMAN-Born 12 August 1969. Entered the U.S.Navy.

15g)6.DANIELLE GRACE DORMAN-Born 18 December 1971

14g)2.LINDA LEE DORMAN-Born 14 February 1944. Married 27 August 1966 to Edward David Shade-Born 19 February 1939. He is the son of Grant Daniel and Mabel (Wetzel) Shade. Edward works for PP&L. Linda worked for the cafeteria at Susquehanna University but is at home since an accident that blinded her. They live in Selinsgrove and have 2 children.

15g)1.DANIEL EDWARD SHADE-Born 2 December 1966. Married on 23 June 1990 to Kelly Sue Scott and they have 1 daughter.

16g)1.KELSEY NICOLE SHADE-Born 1 May 1988.

16g)2.DAVID WAYNE SHADE-Born 28 January 1972.

14g)3.HENRY FRANKLIN DORMAN-Born 20 August 1947. Married 6 November 1965 at Hartleton, by Rev. Kenneth Bennett, to Linda Louise VonNeida-Born 29 December 1947. She is the daughter of Earl C. and Miriam (Sheesley) VonNeida. Henry became a Minister and has served at the Vincent Memorial Church in Chillisquaque and was assistant pastor at the Mifflinburg Church of the Nazarene. He has since become the minister at Christ's Community Church in Glen Iron, Pa.. They owned the Hartleton General Store for several years. They live in Hartleton and had 5 children and they are: Janice Lynn, Brenda Sue, James Earl, Matthew Henry and Karen Marie.

15g)1.JANICE LYNN DORMAN-Born 5 September 1966. She works for Dental Care Associates at the Susquehanna Valley Mall.

15g)2.BRENDA SUE DORMAN-Born 24 August 1968. Married on 5 December 1987 to Perry W. Klingaman-Born 5 December 1962. He is the son of Wayne and Judith (Fallon) Klingaman. They live in Chesapeake, Va. where he works for a plumbing and heating company and Brenda is the manager of the Golden Arrow Steak House. They have 1 daughter.

16g)1.JULIE MAE KLINGAMAN-Born 22 September 1988.

15g)3.JAMES EARL DORMAN-Born 22 March 1972. Married 29 June 1990 to Paula Ranck. They have 1 daughter.

16g)1.SARA MAE DORMAN-Born 26 October 1990.

15g)4.MATTHEW HENRY DORMAN-Born 12 February 1974.

15g)5.KAREN MARIE DORMAN-Born 2 February 1978.

Martha remarried on 27 June 1981 in the Millmont Methodist Church. The ceremony was performed by Martha's son, Rev. Henry Dorman. She was married to Paul E. Zimmerman-Born 1 November 1912. He is the son of Ralph Washington and Minnie Susan (Sauers) Zimmerman. Paul had been married 2 times before, both had ended by death. Paul and Martha live on Plum St. in New Berlin, Pa..

13g)11.KENNETH EDWARD HASSENPLUG-Born 1 June 1924. He is the last child of Elmer E. and Ida Mae Hassenplug. Married on 28 February 1943 at Lewisburg by Rev. V.D. Naugle, to Nancy Vivian Gebert-Born 19 February 1922 in Shamokin, Pa.. She is the daughter of Frederick Wilbur and Florence Grace (Hertzog) Gebert. They live in Cowan. Kenneth worked at the Watsontown Foundry and later retired after 25 years at J.P.M. in Lewisburg. He served in the U.S.Army in WWII. Nancy worked at J.P.M. and became a housewife. Ken is an avid hunter and outdoorsman. Nancy enjoys hunting and still goes at 70 years young. They had 2 sons.

12g)1.JAMES FREDERICK HASSENPLUG-Born 23 July 1946. Married on 28 November 1970 to Sara Ellen Walter-Born 28 September 1947. She is the daughter of Lee William and Cora Theresa (Shaffer) Walter. Jim is employed as Head of Purchasing at American Home Foods in Milton. Sara worked at various banks in Lewisburg and has since become a housewife. They live in Lewisburg and have 2 children.

13g)1.LINDA KAYE HASSENPLUG-Born 14 December 1971. Attended Shippensburg University and is going to be a teacher.

13g)2.BRIAN JAMES HASSENPLUG-Born 27 December 1977.

12g)2.KENNETH EDWARD HASSENPLUG JR.-Born 17 December 1951. Married on 19 August 1972 in the Sharon Lutheran Church, Selinsgrove, Pa. by Rev. Celo V. Leitzel, to Linda Lee Martin. She is the adopted daughter of Archie Philip and Helen Elenor (Watts) Martin. Helen is her Maternal Grand-Mother. Ken works for Gold Bond Building Products in New Columbia and Linda worked for J.P.M. and is presently working for Weis Markets in Lewisburg. They live in Mifflinburg and have 3 children.

13g)1.STEPHANIE CORINNE HASSENPLUG-Born 30 March 1976 in Lewisburg.

13g)2. KELLI ERIN HASSENPLUG-Born 16 May 1982 in Williamsport.

13g)3.MICHAEL JAMES HASSENPLUG-Born 25 March 1984 in Williamsport.