Samuel Shafer

4g) 7. Samuel Shafer b: February 12,1834 in OH d: December 27,1912. Married Mary Dawson
5g) 1. Alice Shafer b: April 07 d: February 26,1920. Married Toba Norton
6g) 1. Carrie Norton b: May 26 d: March 24,1925. Married George A. Longshore
6g) 2. Fred Norton b: November O8,1887 d: November 1962. Married Ruth Ann Morris
7g) 1. Fred Ruben Norton. Married Margery
8g) 1. Ruth Ann Norton
7g) 2. John Morris Norton. Married Mary Ann
8g) 1. John Norton
8g) 2. William Norton
8g) 3. Charley Norton
8g) 4. Richard Norton
6g) 3. Estella Norton b:1891. Married Thomas Donald Commons
7g) 1. Donald T Commons. Married Dorothy Hughes
8g) 1. Donna Denise Commons Married Garry Holden
4g) 8. Rachel S Shafer b: July 14,1836 in Stark, OH d:1916. Married Erastus Ervin


Elihu Shafer

4g) 9. Elihu Shafer b:1840 in Stark, OH d:1891. Married Elizabeth Dawson b:1842 d:1926
5g) 1. Carrie E Shafer b:1874 d:1933. Married Jay P. Bishop b:1878 d:1912
6g) 1. George Delbert Bishop b:1908. Married Ola A. Dinhaus
7g) 1. Roberta Jean Bishop b: May 19,1935
6g) 2. Robert Clifford Bishop b:1916

5g) 2. Herbert Francis Shafer b: August 26,1879 d: June 30,1912 in Argos. Married Daisy Maude Dwinnel

6g) 1. Helen Elizabeth Shafer b: April 13,1901. Married Earl Wallace
7g) 1. Harold Francis Wallace b: July 20,1921. Married Betty Enders
8g) 1. Karen Sue Wallace. Married David Hll
9g) 1. Kimberly Hill
9g) 2. Brenda Hill
9g) 3. Shelly Hill
9g) 4. Tracy Hill
9g) 5. David Hll
8g) 2. Patricia Kay Wallace. Married David Powell
7g) 2. Violet Louise Wallace b: August 22,1925. Married Wendell Fetters
8g) 1. Wendell Fetters. Married Elaine McNamara
9g) 1. Wendell C Fetters
9g) 2. Tammy Fetters
*2nd Husband of Violet Louise Wallace. Married Charles P. Cataldo
8g) 1. Kevin Lee Cataldo
7g) 3. Robert Earl Wallace b: June 17,1929. Married Ruth Stringham
8g) 1. Rhonda May Wallace
8g) 2. Marcia Lou Wallace
8g) 3. Robert Earl Wallace
8g) 4. Michael Lorane Wallace
7g) 4. Connie Lou Wallace b: May 16,1938. Married Maurice Eastin
8g) 1. Eric Allen Eastin
6g) 2. Hope Francs Shafer b: June 06,1903 d: November 30,1975. Married John N Stayton
7g) 1. John Herbert Stayton b: March 16,1926. Married Betty Luse
8g) 1. Sue Ann Stayton b: December 14,1961
8g) 2. John David Stayton b: December 10,1963
8g) 3. Jeffery Dean Stayton b: August 20,1965
8g) 4. Diana Kay Stayton b: October 30,1971
7g) 2. Hazel Maxine Stayton b: November 27,1927. Married Neil A. Glass
8g) 1. Barbara Frances Glass b: November 16,1947. Married Richard Dixon
9g) 1. Robyn Lynn Dixon b: July 24,1967
*2nd Husband of Barbara Frances Glass. Married Rick McCan
9g) 1. Gwen Ann McCan b: October 05,1974
8g) 2. Karen Sue Glass b: October 04,1950. Married Robert Trusty
9g) 1. Kristina Ellen Trusty b: May 20,1970
9g) 2. Angela Michelle Trusty b: November 13,1973
8g) 3. Peggy Ellen Glass b: October 22,1951. Married Lon E. Thompson
9g) 1. Dawn Nicole Thompson b: July 17,1973
9g) 2. Dana Brooke Thompson b: October 22,1975
8g) 4. Neal Arthur Jr Glass b: December 01,1952 d: December 19,1958
"2nd Husband of Hazel Maxine Stayton. Married Delmar McCan
7g) 3. Daisy Ellen Stayton b: October 06,1930. Married John N Hepler
6g) 3. Harold Elihu Shafer b: February 12,1906 d: March 01,1967. Married Margaret Chick
7g) 1. Donald Harold Shafer b: June 16,1933. Married Barbara Wilson
8g) 1. James Donald Shafer b: February 25,1960
7g) 2. Richard Francis Shafer b: October 01,1940 d: February 22,1941
7g) 3. Sally Rae Shafer b: July 28,1943
7g) 4. Linda Jo Shafer b: July 26,1945. Married James Rhea
8g) 1. James Jr Rhea b: April 14,1973
7g) 5. Candice Lee Shafer b: September 06,1950. Married Larry Thrall
8g) 1. Amber Thrall b: May 15,1975
6g) 4. Hortense Ellen Shafer b: March O8,1908. Married Earl Welton
7g) 1. Dana Welton b: November 02,1925. Married Harold Woods
8g) 1. Jacqueline Woods d: Deceased
8g) 2. Audrey Woods b: November 1946. Married Law
9g) 1. Michelle Law
9g) 2. Gayla Law
8g) 3. Keith Woods b: July 1952. Married Unknowed
9g) 1. Carrie Lerea Woods
9g) 2. Heather Anna Woods
8g) 4. Colleen Woods b: September 1954
*2nd Husband of Dana Welton. Married Melvin Sr Yoqulle
7g) 2. Yvonne Welton b: December 23,1931. Married Richard Crain
8g) 1. Mark Crain b: June 1953
8g) 2. Marilyn Marie Crain b: October 1954
6g) 5. Harriet Jennie Shafer b: July 09,1912. Married Irvin Hamlin
7g) 1. Michael Hamlin b: June 19,1937. Married Sandy Martin
8g) 1. Vance Hamlin b: October 08,1959
8g) 2. Tony Hamlin b: May 03,1961 8 Lisa Hamlin b: July 09,1962
*2nd Husband of Harriet Jennie Shafer. Married John A Baliski

4g) 10. Hannah Shafer b:1842 d: September 25,1885

3g) 6. John Shafer b: October 15,1796 d: February 08,1879

3g) 7. Henry Shafer b: April 16,1800 d: January 06,1884

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