Hasenpflug, Hasenplug (Hassenplug), Shafer (Shaffer), Buehler Descendants

I have left this website mostly intact from the way my father left it when he passed.
A few of the names and birth dates have been removed to protect the living.

Johann Heinrich Hasenpflug (1756)

Johann was a private (Germeiner) in Lieutenant-General Wilhelm von Knyphausen's Regiment, one of the three regiments comprising Rall'sBrigade. He was "hired out by Frederich II, Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel to fight with the British against the American Colonists. According to Hetrina Hessian Troops in America) 1776-1783 Volume III, Marburg 1976,he is shown as being on leave during April of 1775 and a prisoner of war from December 1776 until may 1783. It is assumed that Johann most likely was captured by George Washington at the Battle of Trenton on Christmas eve 1776.

The roots of the Hasenpflug/Hassenplug line have been traced back to Germany in the early 1500's. The earliest known member is Eckhard Hasenpflug. There are no records as to wife or children other than 1 son, Kurt. Kckhard lived in Wasenberg, Germany, which is a short distance northwest of Holzburg. It appears that the Hasenpflugs really began in Wasenberg, but records there have not been researched. When Jost Hasenpflug (1638) moved to Holzburg he married Catharina Wepler on 14 January 1658 and the record is in the Book of Marriage of the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Holzburg, Year 1658, p.16. Jost and Catharina had 8 known children by this marriage:

*Johannes (b.14 Apr 1666) left Holzburg and moved to Hattendorf where he married. His son in turn left Hattendorf and moved to Holzburg where he married; hence, the one branch returned to Holzburg.

All information was from the Baptismal Book of the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Holzburg, 1703-1776 and the Book of Marriage of the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Holzburg, Year 1658. The research in Germany was done by Walter Hasenpflug who had the dream of being able to relate all the Hasenpflugs that came to this country.

Present day Holzburg is a small town in Ziegenhain county near Neukirchen in the state of Hesse, (Hessen in German), in the central part of Germany. Hesse is a little larger than the State of New Jersey with about 80% as many people, 61% Protestant and 33% Catholic. Hesse was populated in very early times by Roman settllements. The modern history of Hesse starts with Philip, who was Landgrave of Hesse from 1509 to 1567. He introduced the Reformation into Hesse and by his last will divided Hesse to his three sons. In the 1700's Landgrave Frederick II roled Hesse-Cassel and sold his subjects to England at 15 Pounds Sterling per head, to fight in America. In 1806 Napoleon's army overran Hesse. After World War II most of the provinces of Hesse were united to form the present Land of Hesse. It has a great deal of unspoiled countryside and small historic towns. Here is the world of brave princes, bewitching fairies, simple country lads, Puss in Boots, Red Riding Hood and all the other enchanting figures from the German fairy tales of brothers Grimm. This is the 600km long German Fairy Tale Route from Hanau to Bremen, near Holzburg and Wasenberg. Museum of Holzburg.

 hassenplug genealogy

hassenplug genealogyhassenplug genealogy

The shield is for the Hasenpflug/Hassenpflug's who hate to plow (pflug means plow in German). These coat of arms are of other branches of the Hassenpflug family. I included them because I liked the shield. One of these coat of arms are clamed by the direct descendants of Helwig Hassenpflug's family from Oberaula. This branch has connections to the Grimm Brothers.



Hasenpflug Family in Germany
Compiled by Gerhard Hasenpflug (1964) in Holzburg
Hasenplug (Hassenplug) Family in the U.S.
Compiled by Kenneth Edward Hassenplug Jr. (1951)
Updated by William H Hassenplug (1931)

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