Ancestors and Descendants of Johann Heinrich Hasenpflug


The roots of the Hasenpflug/Hassenplug line have been traced back to Germany in the early 1500's. The earliest known member is Eckhard Hasenpflug. There are no records as to wife or children other than 1 son, Kurt. Kckhard lived in Wasenberg, Germany, which is a short distance northwest of Holzburg. It appears that the Hasenpflugs really began in Wasenberg, but records there have not been researched. When Jost Hasenpflug (1638) moved to Holzburg he married Catharina Wepler on 14 January 1658 and the record is in the Book of Marriage of the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Holzburg, Year 1658, p.16. Jost and Catharina had 8 known children by this marriage:

*Johannes (b.14 Apr 1666) left Holzburg and moved to Hattendorf where he married. His son in turn left Hattendorf and moved to Holzburg where he married; hence, the one branch returned to Holzburg.

All information was from the Baptismal Book of the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Holzburg, 1703-1776 and the Book of Marriage of the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Holzburg, Year 1658. The research in Germany was done by Walter Hasenpflug who had the dream of being able to relate all the Hasenpflugs that came to this country.

Present day Holzburg is a small town in Ziegenhain county near Neukirchen in the state of Hesse, (Hessen in German), in the central part of Germany. Hesse is a little larger than the State of New Jersey with about 80% as many people, 61% Protestant and 33% Catholic. Hesse was populated in very early times by Roman settllements. The modern history of Hesse starts with Philip, who was Landgrave of Hesse from 1509 to 1567. He introduced the Reformation into Hesse and by his last will divided Hesse to his three sons. In the 1700's Landgrave Frederick II roled Hesse-Cassel and sold his subjects to England at 15 Pounds Sterling per head, to fight in America. In 1806 Napoleon's army overran Hesse. After World War II most of the provinces of Hesse were united to form the present Land of Hesse. It has a great deal of unspoiled countryside and small historic towns. Here is the world of brave princes, bewitching fairies, simple country lads, Puss in Boots, Red Riding Hood and all the other enchanting figures from the German fairy tales of brothers Grimm. This is the 600km long German Fairy Tale Route from Hanau to Bremen, near Holzburg and Wasenberg. Museum of Holzburg.

Johann Heinrich Hasenpflug arrived in America sometime between 1771 and 1775. Through the EDV HETRINA program, Hessians Troops in America, 1776-1783, Volume III, Marburg 1976 it has been learned that Johann was one of eight Hassenpflugs sent to America as mercenaries. Johann was "hired out" by Frederich II, Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel to fight with the British against the American Colonists.He is listed as being a private (Germeiner) in Lieutenant-General Wilhelm von Knyphausen Regiment, one of the three regiments comprising Rall's Brigade. He is shown as being on leave in April of 1775. It is presumed that he was captured at the Battle of Trenton on Christmas Eve in 1776 because beginning in December of 1776 and until May 1783 Johann is listed as being a prisoner of war.

Johann Heinrich is mentioned in the "History of Mifflinburg (1792-1927)", Compiled by Charles Steese and published by the Saturday News Publ. Co., Lewisburg, Pa. 1929. In it he states that Johann came to America between 1771 and 1779 and located in Berks County, Pa. where he is assessed as a single man in 1780. He married on 16 April 1790 to Anna Maria Seebold, daughter of Christopher and Barbara (Spade) Seebold and twin to Catharine Seebold. Johann and Anna Maria had six children in Lebanon, Dauphin County (later Lebanon County). They then came to Union County around 1798 and settled in Mifflinburg where Johann and Anna had 8 more children. Johann operated a brewery as a way to earn a living. It was on the site of the present day Lutheran Church. Johann and Anna lived in a brick house on Reservoir Hill later owned by Charles D. Shaffer and presently owned by Dennis Martin. Johann had his name Americanized to John Henry as did many of the immigrants of the time. He is mentioned in almost every book about the Mifflinburg area dealing with that era. When the Elias Church was built by the Lutheran and Reformed Congregations in Mifflinburg in 1806 John Henry transfered his membership from the Dreisbach Church. Johann kept records in a family Bible now in the possession of William Hassenplug.

Twice mentioned on different pages was:

This Bible belongs to me, Johann Heinrich Hasenpflug, and I have bought it from Philip Schaffner in Lebanon in the year of Christ 1793.

Then comes:

I, Johann Heinrich Hasenpflug, was born in the year 1756 approximately in the middle of February. Baptismal witnesses were mother's father and mother, namely Johann Heinrich Riem and his wife. I was born at Holzburg, (regional) office (at) Neukirchen, in the county of Ziegenhain in the lower (i.e.northern) Hessian area, and my earthly parents were Johann Heinrich Hasenpflug (1735) and Maria Elisabeth, his wife, nee Rimin. And my Honorable wife Maria, nee Seboldin, was born in the city of Lebanon, Dauphin County (Pa.), the 19th of July, 1769. Her Baptismal witnesses were Michael Ritter and his honorable wife.

We, both marriage partners, entered in the bonds of matrimony in the year 1790, the 6th of April, and to both marriage partners was a son born into the world in the year of 1790, the 18th of December, and was brought for holy baptism (on) the 13th of March, 1791, and to him the name of Johannes has been ascribed.

Grand total: 9 sons and five daughters.

1. Johannes (John) b: 18 Dec 1790 13 Mar 1791 d: 6 Nov 1881

2. Elisabeth b: 30 Nov 1791 8 Dec 1791 d: 12 Dec 1791

3. Johann Heinrich (Henry) b: 10 Dec 1792 25 Jan 1793 d: 14 Apr 1859

4. Samuel b: 26 Aug 1794 4 Jan 1795 d: 2 Sep 1872

5 Johann Wilhelm (William) b: 13 Dec 1795 25 Dec 1795 d: 11 Feb 1876

6. Jacob b: 16 Aug 1797 4 Feb 1798 d: 8 Aug 1887

7. Margaretha (Peggy) b: 28 Jan 1799 16 Mar 1799 b: 6 Jul 1874

8. David b: 17 Sep 1800 c: 23 Nov 1800 d: 30 Aug 1885

9. Johann George b: 25 May 1802 12 Jun 1802 d: 19 Nov 1815

10. Johann Philip b: 9 Dec 1803 d: 24 Feb 1804

11. Maria (Polly) b: 17 Dec 1804 d: 16 Feb 1805

12. Catharina (Catherine) b: 4 Jan 1807 d: 15 Mar 1807

13 Elisabetha b: 14 Mar 1809 d: 30 Apr 1809

14. Daniel b: 21 Mar 1812 d: 26 Apr 1812

NOTE: all parenthesis have been added and spelling has been put into correct form.

Johann is buried in the Mifflinburg Cemetery next to his wife Anna Maria and directly in front of the old Elias Church. His tombstone is engraved in German and reads:

Hier Ruhet
Johann Heinrich Hassenpflug
gebohren im Jahr 1756 in Hols
bog den 20ten Hornung, geheirate
te mit Maria eine gebohr
ne Seeboldin in Lebanon County
im Jahr 1790 den 6ten April
lebten in ehestand 37J.6M.30T.
und zeugeten 14 Kinder 9 Söh
ne und 5 Töchter.Starb im J.1829
den 30ten November in West Buff
loe Township Union County
brachte sein ganses Alter am
71 J. 9M. 10 D.

Letzen text Römer Cap. 14 vers
7 und 8


This translates into:

Here Rests
Johann Heinrich Hassenpflug
born in the year 1756 in Holz-
burg the 20th of February. Married
with Maria, a born
Seebold, in Lebanon County
in the year 1790, the 6th of April,
Lived in matrimony 37y,6m,30d
and produced 14 children, 9 sons
and 5 daughters. Died in the y.1829,
the 30th of November in West Buffa-
lo Township, Union County.
Brought his entire life to

Last text: Romans ch. 14, verses
7 and 8.